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The Spirit of Georgetown

We’re navigating a new normal, together. While we each experience this new normal differently, we carry the same roadmap. Time-stamped. Five hundred years of fine-tuning. Georgetown’s values shape and mold us into the fullest version of ourselves, poised to make an impact for good wherever we are – on-campus, in our DC community, in the communities we hold dear, on the international stage.

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Spirit of Georgetown Values

Grounded in our Jesuit, Catholic identity, the Spirit of Georgetown undergirds everything we do. And while our values are based on 500 years of Jesuit education, they could not be more relevant to our world today. Regardless of your religious or non-religious background, we celebrate the values that bind us together and make our campus community and 190,000+ alumni a force for change in our world.

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Jesuit Heritage Month

Each November, our Hoya community celebrates Georgetown’s Jesuit roots and traditions, which continue to inspire and guide us today. During Jesuit Heritage Month, our Office of Mission & Ministry offers opportunities for faculty, staff and students to deepen their connection to and understanding of our Jesuit values.

Marcia Chatelain wears a blazer in front of a brown background

People for Others

As people for others, we are a part of the struggle to seek justice for the most vulnerable. Professor Marcia Chatelain won a Pulitzer Prize for her book Franchise: The Golden Arches in Black America, which explores the rich history at the intersection of fast food, civil rights, health and politics while examining both the positive and negative effects of the fast-food industry on communities of color.

Of and for Our Communities

“I hope to return to Pakistan and assist in drafting legislation guaranteeing equal educational opportunities to people with disabilities so they may acquire the skills necessary to become part of the workforce with legal protection.”

“We are excited to build upon the success of the Prison Scholars Program and provide an opportunity for students to earn a college degree while incarcerated. A degree from Georgetown and the interdisciplinary coursework behind it will prepare our graduates to reenter their communities and the workforce with pride in their academic achievements.”

“The key to thinking about ethics in this moment is to resist the idea that technology is neutral and apolitical and separate. Technology is entangled with our social values and commitments; it’s entangled with power, and therefore, ethics is an inherent part of the conversation whether or not you’ve chosen to ignore it.”

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Care for Our Common Home

Inspired by the papal encyclical Laudato Si’, Georgetown strengthens our efforts to bring the intellectual, institutional and spiritual resources of our community to advance environmental sustainability and environmental justice.

Commitments to Our Common Home

Student in a dark blue Georgetown T-shirt talking as he walks along Healy lawn

Cura Personalis

Every Hoya everywhere has their own experiences, and we all carry our own set of challenges and feelings. Cura personalis means you don’t have to face these challenges alone. It means we all care for one another, we meet each person where they are and we celebrate their unique experiences and perspective so everyone in our community can flourish.

Emmanuel Thomas reading a book outside.

Georgetown marks the 50th anniversary of the Community Scholars Program by celebrating its longtime commitment to affordability and access to higher education among first-generation and low-income college students.

Riggs Library

The Task Force on Gender Equity, charged with assessing institutional practices to promote gender equity among full-time faculty and senior academic leadership, shared its recommendations in a new report.

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Community in Diversity

Georgetown embraces the value and dignity of every member of our community, and we are strengthened by the diverse perspectives and experiences that shape our shared identity and mission.

Sun shines through a bell tolling

Contemplation in Action

Who were you? Who are you? Who do you want to be? Part of Georgetown’s spirit of reflectivity, ESCAPE is an overnight retreat accessible to people of all religious and non-religious backgrounds, offering a time to reflect and foster a sense of meaning and belonging throughout the retreat and a student’s time at Georgetown.

Faith That Does Justice

Mackenzie Loy (MPP/MBA’22) is the 2022 Whittington Scholar.

Mackenzie Loy (G’22), a dual-degree student in the Master of Public Policy and Master of Business Administration programs, is creating equitable pathways to food entrepreneurship in Washington, DC.

Side-by-side photos of Ariana Mastrogiannis, Ebou Cham, Jaskaran Singh and Cynthia Pham.

University students, alumni, faculty and staff find ways to make a difference – whether treating patients on the front lines, advocating for those impacted by coronavirus or finding solutions through…

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Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

“For the Greater Glory of God,” the motto of the Society of Jesus, is a search for authenticity. Finding our purpose means exploring who we are and discerning the better path in a world full of choices and opportunities.

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Interreligious Understanding

Central to Georgetown’s mission as a Catholic and Jesuit institution and guided by Georgetown’s founding as a university for students of all faiths, Georgetown promotes interreligious understanding and dialogue, recognizing and celebrating the spiritual and moral values found among these traditions.