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Faculty Stories

Meet the former diplomats, public health experts, economists, scientists and practitioners who are passionately committed to fostering the curiosity of students and forming Hoyas to be people for others.

Faculty collaborate at the Kennedy Institute for Ethics

An Academic Community

Our faculty consists of a global community of leading scholars who bring real-life experience to the classrooms to engage and inspire students to be leaders and have an impact in their communities.

Impact in the World

Law students worked with the nonprofit Nadia’s Initiative to explore legal solutions to help Yazidis in Iraq, where ISIS militants killed and enslaved members of the community in 2014.

The Center for Innovation in Global Health announced a new three-year partnership with the government of Malawi to expand the availability of a novel HIV prevention drug.

Ask a Professor

In our signature faculty series, Georgetown professors break down complex issues and use their research to inform trending conversations, from the latest pop culture hits to research breakthroughs and critical global events shaping our world.

More From Ask a Professor

With the announcement that China is sending giant pandas back to the National Zoo in Washington, DC, later this year, here’s everything you need to know about panda diplomacy.

Photo of Eras Tour concert in a packed stadium

How has Taylor Swift become one of the biggest pop stars in the world, breaking Grammy award and concert tour records? Her lyrics may provide a clue.

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Work with Experts

Undergraduate and graduate students have numerous opportunities to conduct research with faculty experts. Break ground on new discoveries, under the mentorship of a community of dedicated scholars.

Get to Know Our Faculty

“My pitch to study the Roman Empire is that it’s the story of an amazing civilization that produced one of the longest-lasting democracies in human history and was also one of the longest-lasting and most extensive empires in world history.”

“As a composer, I want to use music as a platform to talk about issues of our time. The projects I’m drawn to have always been about telling the stories of people who aren’t often heard or are misrepresented or marginalized.”

“I keep coming back to Georgetown because I cannot imagine a better place in the world to teach international relations and to learn from my students and colleagues.”