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Alumni Stories

Where will Georgetown lead you? Our alumni go on to exciting careers – in every facet of society – and strive to make the world a better place. Alumni become humanitarians, social activists, academics, heads of states, comedians, journalists, business owners, doctors and lawyers. Our extensive alumni network provides mentorship and inspiration.

Meet Hoya Alumni

“Georgetown is where Diversability first started, it is where I first found disability community, it is where I shared my disability origin story publicly for the first time and it is where I started to explore what it meant to be disabled and proud.”

“We have quite the group of Hoyas here at the U.S. Embassy in Beirut, from relatively recent grads to those like me who have been at this for 30 years or so. We are at different points in our career paths, but that hasn’t detracted from the delight we all felt when we discovered that we had this foundational experience in common!”

“Since my time at Georgetown, I’ve increasingly invested my time, energy and resources into Black women across many settings — at Google, external communities in the U.S., and now, a more devoted focus to Tigrayan women and girls.”

John Carroll Weekend award winners

Exceptional Alumni

The John Carroll Award recognizes alumni who exemplify the ideals and traditions of Georgetown and its founder. The Patrick Healy Award honors a friend of the university whose achievements and service reflect Georgetown ideals and traditions.

A Testimonial

Yasmin Zuch smiles while folding her arms wearing a doctor's white coat and glasses

“Reflecting on the faculty members at Georgetown who had guided and supported me, it had such a tremendous impact. So I’ve been considering what effect I can have as a Native educator in academic medicine. I hope I can be just as inspirational for other future Native physicians if I go down that path.”

Sen. Jon Ossoff smiles while sitting outside near an SFS banner

Hoyas on the Hill

“My humble advice is to do what you love, what you’re passionate about. That will give you the sense of meaning that we all crave. You will do your best work when you care about what you are doing.” Senator Jon Ossoff (SFS’09) D-Georgia

Yamiche Alcindor in front of green screen White House

Covering the White House

“The big takeaway from Georgetown was to use whatever platform, whatever privilege you have to bring justice to the world…If you’re a Georgetown University alumna, you’re tasked with the opportunity and responsibility to make the world a better place.”

A Testimonial

An image of Phil Wong, an alumnus and creator of a food startup, wearing a gray T-shirt and glasses.

“I started Phil’s Finest when I was still a senior in college with one of my best friends. A lot has changed since then, but the two things that have stayed the same are the mission and inspiration for the company, which is the belief that we can use delicious food to bring people together and fight one of the most important issues of our generation.”