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Wellness & Safety

We care for each student as a whole person to ensure you are getting the support you need from the university health center and beyond. With student outreach and support, specialized, living-learning communities, meditation programs and other wellness activities across campus, we prioritize the holistic health of every Hoya.

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Home on the Hilltop

The Hilltop is your home and thriving here is about so much more than just staying healthy. It’s about feeling safe in your community and feeling supported by it, too. With 17 different Living Learning Communities, over 200 student groups and an extensive support network across campus departments, you’ll fit right in.

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Every Hoya Cares

College can be a challenging environment, and it’s not unusual to feel overwhelmed. Our Georgetown community is here to help. No issue is too big or too small — every Hoya has several pathways to get the kind of help you may need.

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Taking Time Out

Self-care is an intentional practice of reflection and healthy habits used to manage stress, improve mood and support your physical, mental and emotional health. Learn more about Georgetown’s self-care resources.