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Student Stories

Meet your future friends, roommates, teammates and collaborators. Our students hail from all over the globe, and their diverse passions and experiences shape our community. The bonds forged through midnight study sessions in Lauinger Library, service trips abroad and the rush of a breakthrough will last a lifetime.

A Testimonial

Bayley in front of the Cherry Blossoms in DC.

“At Georgetown, you will be surrounded by some of the best professors and most driven peers a university can offer. Seize every opportunity that comes your way, reach out to alumni, attend guest speaker series and love every moment.”

350+ Student Groups Representing a wide variety of interests
135 Countries Represented by our students
48 States That our U.S. students call home

A Testimonial

Camille Bustos Bismonte speaks into a microphone while testifying

“When I first came to Georgetown and heard about the Jesuit traditions, I didn’t realize how important this is — to understand and care for the whole person. It is a message that transcends any barrier.”

Student Voices

“A lot of my research has been shaped by my own experiences of being an immigrant. I was born in India, but my family moved to Singapore when I was two, which made me very aware of how language shapes society and how it has shaped me.”

“I was in the GSP office every day. When I was with that community, it felt like Georgetown was built for us. It’s the most robust support system that I’ve seen specially designed for first-generation and low-income students.”

“I oftentimes forget I even transferred to Georgetown, and I think I’ve been here all along because it feels that way. All the resources you have to take advantage of at Georgetown are really helpful in making transfer students feel like they belong.”

Student News

Taujhai Purdie stands outside with Dahlgren Chapel in the background.

Taurjhai Purdie (C’20) develops a commitment to racial justice work through her service, advocacy and scholarship at Georgetown.

Grid of eight headshots of Pickering and Payne Fellows

The Payne and Pickering fellowships fund two years of graduate study for historically underrepresented participants, offering internship and professional development opportunities and providing unique paths to the foreign service corps.

Grid of students with a blue filter and the text Georgetown Stories

Georgetown Stories

Our Storytellers chronicle their daily lives on campus — from a casual lunch on Chicken Finger Thursday to presenting to policymakers on the hill. Get a behind the scenes look at life as a Georgetown student.