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Community Reflections on Mental Well-Being

“Whether you feel lonely, anxious, sad or confused about the state of the world, it is important to remember that the best way to find a light within the darkness is to trust yourself and ask for help when you need it.”

“The embrace of mental health resources destigmatizes mental health and proactively empowers employees to use it as a healthy self-care resource. Simply put, a healthy mental health presence within the institution offers us the advantage of shaping our workforce’s cognitive and emotional culture.”

“Mental health resources are important because they allow an individual to access spaces where they can open up and express themselves. Whether it may be expressing how they feel in person, through technology or participating in a certain action, mental health resources can help reduce the levels of stress and raise the level of well-being.”

“Taking time to connect authentically to my peers and colleagues and have honest caring conversations about how we are and what we need has given me hope and anchored my well-being.”

“I got to witness not only the undeniable fear and anxiety, but also togetherness, strength and hope. Although this pandemic seems to bring up a sense of suspicion and mistrust amongst the people, it also highlights the best of people.”

“It is important to have good mental health resources at Georgetown because feeling and being supported is a human need that we all deserve to have met. Being able to offer that in our own community is a special privilege.”

“Your mental health is essential to your overall well-being and, as such, mental health resources are critical components that lead people to live healthy, thriving lives.”

“Georgetown is a fount of resources through the various academic programs and individual expertise available. Availing of the resources within the community reinforces not only the care of the whole person, but the care of the whole community.”

“Finding community both inside and outside of therapy is important in helping me cope with stress and various emotional battles this past year. It’s important to honor what you’re feeling and seek support when you want/need it.”