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An Education for the Mind & Heart

Intellectual rigor. Social justice. Self-reflection. They’re knitted together in every facet of your Georgetown experience – in your studies, your research, your interactions with faculty and the career decisions you make.

Three students walk by the monuments.

DC: The World at Your Doorstep

Washington is the epicenter of global politics. It’s also your hotspot for art, activism, entrepreneurship and public service. Think of the city as an extension of campus. Whether you intern on Capitol Hill, conduct research for an NGO or take time out at an embassy party, it’s your DC.

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A Sense of Belonging

The Hilltop: It’s a community that’s bursting with energy and ideas. You feel it in residences built around shared passions and in graduate co-living spaces. You see it in the way we own our many differences. At Georgetown, you belong.

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Hands of a Black man playing a piano

Through theater, music, dance and more, members of the Georgetown community have been exploring how to spark change and pursue racial justice through the arts.

Four people sitting on a bench holding emoticon signs with different emotions

W. Gerrod Parrott explains why the angsty emotion envy featured in the new Disney and Pixar movie may not be as bad a lot of people may think.

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June 18
Intercultural Center (ICC) Auditorium
June 18
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June 21
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