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We are a global research community collaborating across our campuses and around the world. We’re probing frontiers across the physical, natural, and social sciences and tackling data to shape public policy and understand how society can use technological advances to improve our world.

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Research for the Common Good

As people for others, our students and faculty seek the truth to solve problems for the common good. From bench to bedside and practice to policy, we are innovators who are incubating ideas and informing policy to improve our communities.

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Fighting MS

Multiple sclerosis affects nearly 3 million people around the world with no cure in sight. But new research from Jeffrey Huang could revolutionize the treatment for patients with late-stage multiple sclerosis and slow the progression of the disease.

400 Natural and Biomedical Science Researchers
600 Social Science and Humanist Scholars
$280 Million in Research and Development Expenditure in 2021
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Interdisciplinary Research

At Georgetown, we pride ourselves on the high-quality research and collaboration our faculty engage in across disciplines, leveraging different fields of study to yield new insights on the most pressing, complex issues of our time.

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Advancing Biomedical and Health Sciences

At the Georgetown University Medical Center, biomedical and health science researchers support a broad continuum of research, from basic science to population studies. The Medical Center fosters interdisciplinary collaboration and advances knowledge to improve human health while training the next generation of researchers.

Research Around the World

Aerial shot of a food delivery worker, who is wearing a backpack and pushing a bike

A new report from a Georgetown researcher reveals the invisible struggles — including safety and health risks, unpredictable wages and unpaid work — that many instant food delivery drivers face…

Drone images from Syrian refugee living in refugee camps in Gaziantep, Turkey

In a new partnership, Georgetown and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees are blending traditional and new forms of data to understand and predict movements of forcibly displaced populations.

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Become a Researcher

Our students have access to state-of-the-art research facilities and world-class faculty who are eager to train and mentor the next generation of scholars. Through Georgetown’s research fellowships, centers and grants, students can start to explore their own scholarly interests and discover new paths to dig deeper into their fields.

Student Researchers

“All of these contributions to the Rhodes community will make me more empathetic and aware of my place in the world: enacting technology policies at the NGO and company levels in China that are more informed and compassionate. In both China and Rhodes, I see not just their flaws but also room for change. Through belonging to these institutions, I will help refine them for those after me.”

“When you’re a practicing physician, it’s wonderful because you get to make such a big difference in your patients’ lives, but you’re limited to the number of patients that you see. As a scientist, you can hopefully make advances in the understanding of diseases, and that helps way more people than you would be able to help as a practicing physician.”

“Working on the ground in the post-apartheid state, I was able to see how interdisciplinary development mechanisms counteracted the deficit. I observed how this community-based organization equipped individuals with professional skills – providing barista training or interview preparation directly contributed to hundreds of new jobs”