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Every Hoya Cares

We all have our own lives and circumstances — but as students, faculty and staff, we are all Hoyas. As you return to campus this fall, it is important to support your mental well-being. Georgetown has resources to support, affirm and connect our community. Which of these options describes why you are here today?

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Every Hoya Cares About Mental Well-Being

Every Hoya Everywhere has their own experiences, and we all carry our own set of challenges and feelings. Remember it’s okay not to be okay, but that doesn’t mean you have to face these challenges alone.

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No Issue Too Big or Too Small

Whether it’s a counseling session with CAPS, our faculty staff assistance program or HoyaWell, a phone call with campus ministry or a class at Yates to get your body moving, our Georgetown community is here to help.

Community Members Talk Mental Well-Being

“I got to witness not only the undeniable fear and anxiety, but also togetherness, strength and hope. Although this pandemic seems to bring up a sense of suspicion and mistrust amongst the people, it also highlights the best of people.”

“Mental health resources are important because they allow an individual to access spaces where they can open up and express themselves. Whether it may be expressing how they feel in person, through technology or participating in a certain action, mental health resources can help reduce the levels of stress and raise the level of well-being.”

“I attempt to talk about mental health and self-care regularly because it helps keep me accountable to take care of myself. We tend to find not only comfort but feel less alone when we are transparent about how we are doing in a chaotic world.”

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Help Promote Mental Well-Being

We’re making it easy for you to promote mental well-being. We’ve made these signs and graphics available for you to download, print, and share.

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President DeGioia Addresses the Importance of Mental Well-Being

“Every Hoya Cares — to talk, to listen, to support. Caring for our mental well-being is the foundation for our individual and collective flourishing. It is important for each one of us to take time to care for ourselves and to care for one another. This is an invitation—to all of us—to seek support and to support one another.” – Georgetown University President John J. DeGioia


A board-certified psychiatrist and nationally recognized expert in enhancing the learning environment for medical students, Jones joins Georgetown as dean for medical education and professor of psychiatry.

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Georgetown psychologists Abigail Marsh and Andrea Bonior share strategies for coping with stress, based on their research and uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.