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How do I start my journey to mental well-being?

There is a resource for you — from meditation seminars and campus ministry support, to counseling, fitness classes and nutritional coaching.

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Counseling and Talk Resources

Counseling services, available on-campus and virtual, can help if you want to talk to someone when you are feeling down or if you want to check in more regularly to help promote your emotional wellness. No issue is too big or too small. Check out resources for students and faculty and staff.

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Meditation and Rest

Meditation can enhance physical and emotional well-being. The John Main Center teaches meditation from the Christian tradition in an inclusive way that welcomes everyone. The Calm app is also available to faculty and staff who want to incorporate meditation into their well-being journey.

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Spiritual Resources

The Office of Mission and Ministry supports the integration of learning, faith and service through a broad array of programs and partnerships that engage students, faculty, staff, University leadership and alumni in the understanding and practice of our religious identity, values and commitments.

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Nutrition Services and Eating

Students on a Georgetown Meal plan can visit the HoyaEats website to schedule a one-on-one nutrition consultation.

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Physical Fitness

Physical fitness and well-being are linked! Make time for yourself by taking a walk outside or riding a bike. You can even visit Yates Gym virtually with some pre-recorded fitness classes like yoga, HIIT, strength and conditioning or barre — no experience or equipment needed.