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Leading the Fight: Georgetown Works Toward Sustainable Campus, World

At Georgetown, our community addresses critical sustainability challenges through research, education, activism and operations. Our mission for a clean and flourishing planet for all is rooted in our Catholic and Jesuit values and commitment to the common good.

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Working Toward a Sustainable Future

Pope Francis’ Laudato Si’ environmental encyclical asks, “What need does the Earth have of us?” Georgetown answers that question by embracing sustainability on campus, through its business operations, individual choices, support of research, education and more.

“As the climate crisis increases in severity, it is more and more important to have scalable ways to regulate methane.”

“Empowered by data, we can assess the impact of lifestyle choices we make as individuals.”

“Surfing’s relevance as a kind of nature play engages the next generation who will face the most critical social-ecological challenges to humanity’s sustainable future.”

Two students hold a hive filled with bees while wearing protective suits.

Biodiversity on Campus

Our faculty and students work together to counter threats to the Earth’s biodiversity by increasing pollinators on campus.

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The Quest to Protect Natural Resources

Peter Marra researches declining bird populations and also unites students, faculty and staff at the university to help protect the Earth through the Georgetown Environment Initiative.

Sarah Johnson and Angela Bai look at specimens in a lab wearing white coats.

Exploration in Antarctica

Biology professor Sarah Johnson leads an expedition of undergraduate and graduate students and scientists to test a series of questions about the nature of long-term cell survival under cold and hyper-arid conditions in Antarctica.

Sustainability News

view from below of skyscrapers ascending toward clear skies among trees.

Georgetown’s experts in science, history, international affairs and health say COVID-19 has not only deeply impacted our physical and financial well-being, but also the world’s carbon footprint.  …

Healy Building with clouds behind it and a green lawn in front of it

The Georgetown University Board of Directors today adopted a policy on fossil fuel and impact investments that is part of the university’s broad commitment to sustainability.