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Title: What These Class of 2024 Graduating Seniors Will Miss Most About Georgetown

In the coming days, Georgetown will celebrate Hoyas in the Class of 2024 as they earn their degrees.

As these students prepare to graduate, many of them will remember the lifelong friendships, treasured lessons and favorite memories long after they’ve flipped their graduation tassels. Ingrained in every Georgetown experience are those little moments that make a deep impression, from random conversations in Lau with friends to a daily morning stroll under Healy Hall and countless hours of studying in the library.

We asked the seniors behind Georgetown Stories about those little moments and what they’ll miss the most about Georgetown. Here’s what the soon-to-be graduates said.

Countless Hours in Leo’s Ava Culoso graduation photo on the steps of Healy Hall holding a grad cap while in a white dress and a blue stole

Ava Culoso (C’24) 

I’ve been off the Georgetown meal plan for a year now, and even though I found ways to complain about the dining hall my sophomore and junior year, some of my fondest memories in college happened while sitting with my friends. We would turn hopes of “quick dinners” into hours of chatting. It always seemed whenever we had the most work, we would sit in Leo’s after we finished eating, just talking and laughing and losing track of time. 

I still have dinners with my roommates in my off-campus house, but nothing compares to the many nights when Leo’s dinner ended up being over two hours long. When I graduate and leave Georgetown, what I’ll remember are those conversations about nothing that somehow meant everything to me. 

Daily Joys on the Hilltop

Renato Llontop Calosi (SFS’24)

Waking up to the sight of beautiful Healy Hall right outside my window, walking to Leo’s for breakfast and greeting Suru — the front desk worker at Leo’s — working out early with all my roommates, and having bagels with Chaplain Michelle are just some of the daily joys that make Georgetown special. From greeting many students while walking around campus to making a new friend in class every day, there’s nothing more meaningful than savoring the graces we’ve received here. 

One of the things I’ll miss most is engaging in fascinating conversations about faith, culture, politics or simply Georgetown events with faculty and friends. Visiting our sacred spaces on campus, especially Dahlgren Chapel on Sundays, and chatting with our wonderful Campus Ministry staff — “God’s Squad” — are among those little things that truly make Georgetown so unique. As a campus tour guide since freshman year, I’ll miss showing our home to prospective students and their families. But I know for sure that every time I return, I’ll fall in love with this place all over again.

I know for sure that every time I return, I’ll fall in love with this place all over again.

Renato Llontop Calosi (SFS’24)

Blissful Laundry Days Christine Mauvais walking near Copley Hall while looking back with a white dress and a graduation stole.

Christine Mauvais (N’24) 

It’s Sunday morning. The light is hitting my eyes, and I wake up to the natural rhythm of my own body instead of a bothersome ringtone. I roll around in my white comforter as I take in the scene of my room. My hamper is stuffed to the brim, reminding me that it’s laundry day. This means that I will dedicate the rest of my day  to only one task, and then follow suit with relaxation. 

I spent most of my laundry days “rotting” away while catching up on my dramas or New York Times crossword puzzles. The naps I had on that twin-sized bed were when I had the best hours of rest. It’s something about a full day of leisure that wraps up an exhausting school week and kicks off an upcoming exciting one. 

I will miss those moments of bliss. Even when I return home, my Sundays don’t hit as much as they do at Georgetown. I don’t know if it’s the mattress or the college air, but there’s something special about my lazy laundry days on the Hilltop. It will truly be missed!

Maliha Khan at her graduation at Georgetown QatarThe Hunt for Free Food

Maliha Kahn (SFS’24)

It’s been nearly a week since I graduated from Georgetown University in Qatar, and there are so many small things that made the last four years memorable. The city does not feel the same without the familiar routine of waking up and taking a tram to the campus. I miss the rush of running to the tram station knowing I’m already late yet managing to catch the tram just before it leaves (on good days). Visiting the atrium made me realize how much I miss the bustling noise and chaos. No matter how lonely I felt, all I needed to do was to step into the atrium and I’d feel at home. I’ll miss the many events that happened simultaneously and being mad at having to miss some.

The epitome of college life was scouring campus for events solely for the free food with my friends. Every now and then we’d stumble upon an event hosted by the dean’s office and then comment on how fancy the food and tiny hors d’oeuvres were. Even better were the midnight snacks from the vending machine when we pulled late nights at the library. I’ll miss my beloved couch, my faithful companion for studying and deep sleep.

Late Night Lau Study Breaks Zehra Mizra graduation photo in a white dress with a blue stole and the Washington Monument in the background

Zehra Mizra (C’24)

I’m going to miss all the nights in Lau 2 (the 2nd floor of Lauinger Library) when I figured the presence of my friends would help me get work done. It may have helped me achieve about 20% more studying than I would’ve done if studying by myself, as we always got caught up talking to each other, seeing other classmates and friends and chatting with them, and taking study breaks to get a snack or coffee from the Midnight Mug coffee shop.

I am going to miss enjoying the first snowfall of the year on the Hilltop and watching my friends from warmer hometowns be fascinated by the snow, and find any material to sled down our small hills on campus, from extra mattresses to Adirondack chairs and cardboard boxes. 

I am going to miss the joy in the air as soon as the air starts to get warm after the winter and you see herds of students flock to the front lawn to have picnics, hammock, play spikeball and just sit outside and enjoy the weather despite being in the midst of midterms. 

Alara Karahan graduation photo in a white dress with a blue stole with Healy Hall in the backgroundAround-the-World Roommate Dinner Parties

Alara Karahan (SFS’24)

I’ll miss walking up the stairs next to Lau and seeing the towering Healy clock come into view. I’ll miss wandering past Corp spots, ears tuned for new songs to add to my playlist. I’ll miss seeing the familiar faces at Yates and silently acknowledging the shared misery of a treadmill workout. 

I’ll miss themed roommate dinner parties that take us from Argentinian alfajores to Hyderabadi biryani. I’ll miss wearing florals on Farmers Market Wednesdays and sunbathing under Copley’s “tree of life.” I’ll miss my friends spam-calling me whenever they spot Jack and dropping everything to go see him. I’ll miss doing my world tour on the library’s “social floor,” procrastinating by making small talk with every person I’ve ever encountered over four years. 

I’ll miss post-class debates with a professor because the hour and 15 minutes just wasn’t enough time. I’ll miss attending events in DC with big-name politicians and professionals and proudly telling them I attend Georgetown. I’ll miss watching my friends lead organizations that invest millions for the alumni association, organize tours for the 55,000 annual campus visitors, or run the world’s largest student-run nonprofit. 

Amidst these goodbyes, there’s one thing that’s true for all of us — we’ll always be Hoyas.