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Title: Why Do Hoyas Love Georgetown? Find Out From the Students Behind Georgetown Stories

As we begin the new school year, we’re kicking off another year of Georgetown Stories, a series that follows a group of students throughout the academic year at Georgetown as they share their experiences with past, present and future Hoyas.

We asked this year’s Georgetown Storytellers to share why they chose Georgetown and what they love about being a Hoya.

The Storytellers hail from Lima, Peru, to Nashville, Tennessee, and Georgetown University in Qatar and represent a range of classes and schools across the Hoya community.

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Ninabella Arlis sitting on a chair with a magazine

Ninabella Arlis (C’26, B’26)

Hometown: Downers Grove, Illinois

I’ve always had aspirations to become bilingual and to gain a greater global perspective, so becoming a Hoya just made sense! My favorite thing about Georgetown is regardless of how diverse the campus is, everyone seems to have a general drive to help create a better world. I am naturally drawn to other people and enjoy learning about other cultures and ways of life which makes Georgetown in Washington, DC the perfect place for me.

Sydney Carroll in front of Healy Hall with a baseball hat

Sydney Carroll (C’27)

Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee

I’m so excited to finally be on the Hilltop! During my college search, Georgetown really spoke to me because of its strong policy programs, location and, most importantly, the community and overall vibe of campus. Coming from a small, close-knit high school, I really wanted to find a college where the students feel a sense of community but are also emboldened to speak up on issues affecting them and others.

Bennie Chang in front of Healy Hall

Bennie Chang (SFS’26)

Hometown: San Jose, California

What I love most about Georgetown is the people I have met — friends and professors who have made my time here incredible. The cozy campus is perfect for forming deep friendships, and what I look forward most to each day is seeing old friends and making new ones.

I picked Georgetown because it blends academic knowledge with hands-on experience. Wanting to study international relations, I knew there was no better place than Georgetown. Being right here in DC means students can apply knowledge taught in the classroom directly into their internships.

Ava Culoso in a GU shirt

Ava Culoso (C’24)

Hometown: New York, New York

My favorite part of Georgetown are all the wonderful people I’ve met here over the past three years! I have worked with incredible professors that have helped encourage and find my passions and met lifelong friends along the way. It’s my last year at Georgetown and I am very excited to take advantage of my final moments on the Hilltop. The years flew by for me but it has been three of the most rewarding and valuable years of my life.

Mara Goldstein with headphones and a notebook

Mara Goldstein (C’27)

Hometown: O’ahu, Hawaii

I chose Georgetown because I wanted to experience life on the East Coast, especially life in a place with as much historical and international significance as Washington, DC. Although I haven’t been a Hoya for long, I have become close friends with so many of my peers. There are so many people and resources all over campus that are there to support and uplift students. My first-year experience has been truly incredible so far because of all of the people who have made it so amazing.

Gracy Hardymon with a Georgetown notebook

Grace Hardymon (C’25)

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

When I first visited Georgetown, I was entranced by the bustling front lawn and looming Healy Hall. Now, I know that the people who occupy these spaces make Georgetown truly special. The community on this campus and the friends I have made here are vibrant, collaborative, and inspiring. I am incredibly grateful to see this beautiful place through the eyes of people carrying varied interests, goals and achievements — all with a common love for Georgetown.

Ashley Jeong sitting on a bench

Ashley Jeong (H’26)

Hometown: East Rutherford, New Jersey

My favorite part of Georgetown is all of the student organizations here on campus. It’s so inspiring to go to the annual club fair and see all of the different clubs that people are so enthusiastic about! The clubs definitely contribute to the lively Georgetown atmosphere and it’s great to know that there are so many events throughout the year hosted by different clubs.

Headshot of Alex Johnson

Alex Johnson (C’25)

Hometown: Evanston, Illinois

As someone who wanted to study politics, Georgetown’s incredible academics and unparalleled focus on government were impossible to ignore, as was its location. But it wasn’t until I crossed the Key Bridge on a warm March day that I fell in love with the neighborhood and campus. The neighborhood radiated life while Georgetown’s campus felt like an oasis nestled a few blocks back from the busy streets. Now that I am here, my favorite part of Georgetown is its thoughtful, outgoing and genuinely fun community.

Alara Karahan with a hot sitting on a bench

Alara Karahan (SFS’24)

Hometown: Istanbul, Turkey

Twenty years ago, my parents buried my umbilical cord at Georgetown. I thought my family’s ritual was as crazy as it could get — until I got to Georgetown. Friends showed me their different cultures, religions and languages. Professors taught courses that challenged my beliefs. Clubs pushed me to discover everything this place has to offer. Georgetown has expanded our small worlds with its richness of people and thought.

My story began at Georgetown, and I have been lucky to grow with people who have different lifestyles and values. Still, no matter where I go or who I meet, there will always be a little piece of me in Georgetown — literally.

Headshot of Maliha Khan

Maliha Khan (SFS’24)

Hometown: Srinagar, Kashmir

I was a junior in high school when I first heard of Georgetown, and all of a sudden Georgetown filled my search history. The idea of going to an American university was just an idea until Georgetown made it seem closer to reality. Georgetown,especially my time in DC, allowed me to discover what I want and created a space where I could share those interests with others. Studying in two different countries, the United States and Qatar, yet at the same university is one of the most amazing things I got to experience at Georgetown.

Renato Llontop Calosi in Riggs Library with a GU flag

Renato Llontop Calosi (SFS’24)

Hometown: Lima, Peru

When giving tours around campus, I always like to share three main reasons that made me choose Georgetown. First, the fact that Georgetown offers eight different majors within the field of international relations in the School of Foreign Service. Second, the presence of interreligious understanding as part of our campus community, especially the cultural richness that arises from the big international student community on this campus that makes everybody feel welcome. Last but not least, Georgetown’s location in DC makes the college experience even more enjoyable as there are many opportunities to take advantage of.

Christine Mauvais with a stethescope

Christine Mauvais (N’24)

Hometown: Orlando, Florida

Everyone here inspires me to strive for the better and continue reaching my goals. There is a lot of diversity in thought and perspectives here that has allowed me to learn and grow. When it came down to making my final college decision, I chose Georgetown because of its thriving location, the abundance of educational opportunities and the direct-entry aspect of the nursing program. I was stuck between a couple of schools, but I ultimately went with my gut and have not regretted the decision since. I cannot imagine being anywhere else!


Harrison McCarty in Gaston Hall

Harrison McCarty (SFS’26)

Hometown: Little Rock, Arkansas

Deciding to attend Georgetown was one of the toughest decisions of my life. But after looking at the pros and cons, it became abundantly clear that Georgetown was where I was meant to be. I knew that the resources of the School of Foreign Service and the campus culture would allow me to grow as a student, citizen and friend. My favorite part of being a student at Georgetown is definitely having access to all the activities, resources and sights that Washington, DC, has to offer. DC is truly a beautiful city with so much to do, and I love exploring it.

Zehra Mizra with a GU flag in front of Healy Hall

Zehra Mirza (C’24)

Hometown: Ocean City, Maryland

My favorite part of Georgetown is the people. Georgetown is unique in the community it creates. My friends and peers are passionate, highly motivated and kind individuals that come from all walks of life.

Georgetown has a tight-knit campus, but beyond the front gates, you’re just minutes away from the heart of the neighborhood and the city. I did not realize how much I appreciate going to a smaller school; it’s always exciting to see your peers and friends all throughout campus, but we are still large enough where you can and will always meet someone new.

Harnoor Sachar in a GU sweatshirt

Harnoor Sachar (SFS’26)

Hometown: Bergen County, New Jersey

Georgetown has taught me the importance of the people you surround yourself with. I chose Georgetown to diversify my interests and explore the world through a new lens. One year later, I can confirm that not only did it change the way I see the world, but it also encouraged me to value people, experiences and community. I am constantly inspired by my classmates, professors and even the people I have passing conversations with on my way to Leo’s.

Maxim Zeidman holding a shoe

Maxim Zeidman (C’26)

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

In my application essay, I wrote that a Georgetown education means understanding the world that surrounds me. Since arriving, I found this pursuit fulfilled in ways I didn’t expect. Beyond the classroom, the worldliness of the student body has enriched my education, from a EU-U.S. dual citizen who offered contrasting interpretations of each governmental system to a Singaporean resident who described life under the People’s Action Party and a rural Oklahoman who gave me a different view of the American experience. I chose Georgetown seeking understanding, and it reciprocated with extraordinary nuance.