A group of six GU graduates posing for grad photos on the Lauinger Steps on an overcast day
Category: Campus Life, Student Experience

Title: The Best Spots for Graduation Photos at Georgetown University

Author: Bennie Chang (SFS'26)
Date Published: May 9, 2024

As graduation season dawns, emotions run high as we bid farewell to our seniors. In tribute to their journey,  I captured a few photographs of fellow Georgetown Storytellers Renato Llontop Calosi (SFS’24) and Christine Mauvais (N’24), along with their friends, celebrating their Georgetown graduation! If you’re looking for the perfect spot to take your graduation photos this commencement season, here’s a compilation of my favorite locations for capturing the precious memories of graduation. 

Healy Hall

With its stunning architecture and majestic presence, Healy Hall offers a picturesque backdrop for capturing the beauty of graduation. From my experience, the best shots of Healy are from the front gates, the building entrance steps and Lau steps.

Dahlgren Quad

Adorned with willowing trees and bathed in a warm, ethereal glow, Dahlgren Quad offers a serene and enchanting atmosphere for capturing memorable moments. Both Dahlgren Chapel and Healy’s brick facade are fabulous backgrounds for photography throughout the day.

Old North

Adam Hamdan (C’24) posing for his graduation photo in front of Old North.
Adam Hamdan (C’24)

With its timeless elegance, Old North exudes a classic charm that adds a touch of timeless beauty to graduation photos. As the spot where over a dozen U.S. presidents have delivered speeches, it is a perfect reminder of Georgetown’s history and impact.

White Gravenor

With its elegant neo-gothic architectural features and picturesque surroundings, White Gravenor is an ideal backdrop blending historic charm with natural beauty. It is a versatile location, perfect for headshots or fun group pictures!

Christine Mauvais (N’24) and her friends celebrate their graduation by popping champagne bottles in front of White Gravenor.Other Spots in Georgetown

Your Dorm

Each dorm represents a different chapter of growth and friendship throughout the college years, making them a meaningful spot for graduating seniors. Want to remember each period of your Georgetown life? Take a photo with each of your dorms!

Koi Pond

Want a less popular but equally as stunning graduation photo location? Surrounded by vibrant flora and shimmering waters, the Koi Ponds next to White Gravenor and the Observatory offer a tranquil oasis of natural beauty, perfect for capturing serene and reflective moments before graduation. 


Against the backdrop of the sparkling waters of the Potomac River and the dazzling city skyline, the waterfront provides a breathtaking setting of urban and natural beauty. Take a quick stroll during sunset for one of the best golden hour photo locations in Washington, DC.

Georgetown Neighborhood

Characterized by its cobblestone streets, historic facades, and charming storefronts, the Georgetown neighborhood exudes a timeless beauty that adds a touch of romanticism to graduation photos. Remember the days strolling to M Street with friends by getting group candids in the neighborhood!

Renato Llontop Calosi (SFS’24) and his friends look at Healy Hall through their townhouse window.

Spots in DC

Lincoln Memorial

With its majestic columns and sweeping view of the National Mall, the Lincoln Memorial offers a grand and awe-inspiring backdrop. It is a perfect location to capture Georgetown’s national significance while immersing yourself in the timeless beauty of Washington, D.C.

Washington Memorial

Towering majestically against the azure sky, the Washington Monument provides a striking focal point for graduation photos, with its iconic silhouette adding a sense of grandeur and elegance.

Bennie Chang (SFS’26) is a Georgetown Storyteller from San Jose, California, and studies regional and comparative studies, international business diplomacy and art.