Large letters reading "Hoya Saxa" in front of Healy Hall
Category: Campus Life, Student Experience

Title: What Georgetown is Like As a Student: A Day in the Life of a Hoya

This month, Georgetown welcomes the admitted students of the Class of 2027 to the Hoya family.

In anticipation of new students joining the Hilltop, we asked three Hoyas to give a glimpse of their daily lives for our newly admitted students. Follow along as they walk you through a day in the life of a Georgetown student, from farmers markets and go-to coffee spots to high-profile speaker and student club events.

Harnoor Sachar

Class: SFS’26
Major: Science, Technology, and International Affairs
Hometown: Bergen County, New Jersey

What is your favorite part of your day?

I love grabbing a meal with friends, especially if it’s at a coffee shop or restaurant in the Georgetown neighborhood! We all have busy schedules, so I love getting to sit down and talk about my day with them.

What have you discovered about Georgetown?

I am so glad I discovered the endless opportunity to learn. There are seminars, events or discussions with famous speakers almost every day, on every topic you could think of. I have learned to attribute this culture of always learning to a key aspect of Georgetown’s curriculum.

Bennie Chang

Class: SFS’26
Major: Regional and Comparative Studies
Hometown: San Jose, California

What have you discovered about Georgetown?

After one year on the Hilltop, I have discovered that I will never be able to experience everything that college has to offer. There are just so many people to meet, classes to take, clubs to join and opportunities to seek that I now know that I have to consciously choose how I want to spend my time. It is honestly scary to consider, but I feel ready to make the important decisions about how I want my next three years to look like.

What’s your favorite spot on campus?

As someone who loves nature, I love the observatory garden near the Yates Field House, our gym. Sometimes when I am stressed or overwhelmed, I go there to lie down on the bench and look up at the sky. It is a great place for stargazing at night!

Emma Rose Wooten

Class: C’24
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee

What’s your favorite part of your day?

The best part of my daily routine is definitely my 7:30 a.m. dog walking gig. The angle of the sunrise in the morning gives Healy Hall and White Gravenor a beautiful golden glow. And while walking with Percy, I get to listen to new music and explore every picturesque side street in Georgetown. At this point, my camera roll is 95% pictures of dogs or townhouses.

What’s something you can’t miss as a student at Georgetown?

I have two: First is the GU Eating Society, a club where my fellow campus foodies and I explore the diverse Washington, DC, food scene together. And second, I love the group fitness classes offered by our campus gym, Yates Field House. Pro tip: Work at the gym, and you get the classes at no cost!