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Category: Student Experience

Title: New Cast of Georgetown Storytellers Reflect on Their Favorite Parts of Georgetown

Educating the Whole Person

Daelyn Waters wearing a dark blue Georgetown zip up outside in front of a tree

Daelyn Waters (C’23)

“My favorite thing about Georgetown is the endless array of opportunities this university affords both within and beyond the classroom. From extracurriculars to internships, clubs and jobs, this university truly has something for everyone.”

Bayley Wivell wearing a gray Georgetown T-shirt outside in front of an open grass area

Bayley Wivell (B’22)

“Not only have I utilized resources for professional development, I’ve gotten to explore a plethora of interests outside of the professional realm as well. I’ve made lifelong friends on the Hilltop and met some of the most inspiring mentors whose advice will stay with me for a long time. The ability to connect with others and thrive in terms of personal development makes Georgetown very special to me.”


People for Others

Ava Culoso wears a Georgetown sweatshirt

Ava Culoso (C’24)

“The students here are some of the most dedicated, multi-faceted, interesting, passionate, driven people I have ever met. People who have niche interests and impressive accomplishments. People who want to enact change and are dedicated to giving back. But also people that are compassionate, welcoming and open. Students of different cultures, interests and passions unite in their love for Georgetown and form the diverse and unique community I am grateful to be a part of.”

Kirk Zieser wearing a blue Georgetown T-shirt outside

Kirk Zieser (SFS’22)

“My favorite thing about Georgetown is the supportive atmosphere that defines our community. From forming study groups to searching for internships, I’ve repeatedly been impressed by how willing my classmates and professors are to be there for me. Even just strolling around campus, support can be felt through fellow Hoyas’ friendly waves as we hustle from class to class. This culture of support creates a Georgetown in which I feel comfortable, welcomed and inspired.”

Emma Rose wears a black blazer and white blouse outside

Emma Rose Wooten (C’24)

“The thing I love most about Georgetown – that I actually discovered after applying, enrolling and getting the on-campus social experience – is the genine worldliness of our student body. Students here closely keep up with current events, consistently engage with global issues and articulately voice against injustices.”


Academic Excellence

Jackson wears a gray Georgetown T-shirt in a headshot outside

Jackson Mittleman (C’23)

“My favorite thing about Georgetown is being at such an academically rigorous university with students who are all here because they are deeply invested in their field of study – there is a lot to learn from every person you meet.”

Christine Mauvais wears a dark blue Georgetown T-shirt and stands outside

Christine Mauvais (N’24)

“I look forward to showcasing my journey at Georgetown. I’m a sophomore, and because of the pandemic, I haven’t had much exposure to the college campus experience. I want the viewers to follow along with me as I truly take in, for the first time, what it means to be a Georgetown student. I want to show the Georgetown community what the nursing major entails: the hospital clinical experience, the simulation labs, the flu shot practice projects and more.”


Cura Personalis

Rishma Vora wears a dark gray shirt standing outside

Rishma Vora (SFS’23)

“My favorite part about Georgetown is the incredible people that push me to be a better person every day. Whether they are people on my dance team, professors or strangers at Leo’s, the people at Georgetown care so much about community and our collective passion that makes me extremely happy to be here on the Hilltop.”

Alara Karahan wears a dark gray T-shirt outside

Alara Karahan (SFS’24)

“Georgetown students are ready to share their unique backgrounds, experiences and knowledge and are even more motivated to learn from one another. While I love Georgetown’s fast-paced environment, I am excited to share the ‘everyday’ side of Georgetown: club meetings, study groups, late-night cookie runs, galore!”

Will Stockdale wearing a dark blue Georgetown polo shirt on Leavey Bridge

Will Stocksdale (C’25)

“Most of all, I’m looking forward to sharing my growth as a freshman on the Hilltop. There are so many opportunities that I want to take advantage of, so it will be cool to document my exploration of Georgetown. What clubs will I join? Which classes will I be looking forward to with avid anticipation? Which places on campus will serve my favorite food options? I can’t wait to see what lies ahead and share my Georgetown journey.”


Campus and City

Sam Li wears a dark blue sweater with a "G" on it

Sam Li (SFS’24)

“My favorite thing about Georgetown is its connection to DC. Whether I am learning about this relationship in a Healy classroom or exploring the streets of the city myself, I can feel what DC has to offer me from the minute I wake up in my dorm.”

Zehra Mirza wears a dark blue Georgetown t-shirt in front of a stone building and bush

Zehra Mirza (C’24)

“Georgetown sits in the prime location of Washington, DC, which has allowed me to get the feel of a college campus while simultaneously having the opportunity to explore all of the city through the multitude of museums, restaurants and festivities that only DC can offer.”

Jenna Pae wears a gray Georgetown T-Shirt

Jenna Pae (C’25)

“Whether it was visiting the monuments the night of move-in, brushing my teeth in the bathroom at night or grabbing a meal with a complete stranger at Leo’s, it’s been amazing to get to know so many interesting people from vastly different backgrounds and experiences. Being able to do so in DC is just an added bonus!”