Jack the Bulldog is perched on a rock looking at the camera.
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Title: A New Jack the Bulldog Is Coming to Georgetown

In the new year, there will be a new Hoya on campus. 

Georgetown announced today that a four-month-old puppy, Jack the Bulldog, will be the next official university mascot. He will arrive on the Hilltop early in 2024. 

Jack was born in central California in July 2023. The thirty-pound pup enjoys sunbathing, cantaloupe and playing with other dogs. He’s a friendly, playful puppy, says Julia Farr (C’88), executive director of the Georgetown Alumni Association, who helped conduct the search for a new mascot. 

“We are excited to welcome our new mascot, Jack, to our university community,” Farr said. “Jack has been getting ready to join his fellow Hoyas for several weeks, learning all the important parts of his role like walks in the neighborhood, playing with new friends and jumping on a skateboard for a ride. He will bring to life our Spirit of Georgetown in all he does here on campus.” 

As with past mascots, Georgetown is taking special care to prioritize the health of Jack, she said, in his current home, during the cross-country move, and throughout his time as a mascot on campus. The university has long been committed to placing the health of each Jack before his official duties, and has strict requirements to ensure Jack is given nutritious meals and exercises to keep him leading the charge on campus. 

When Jack arrives on campus, he will be cared for by his caretaker and the Jack Crew, a group of students who take Jack on daily walks and escort him to on- and off-campus events. The Jack Crew has helped look after the mascot for the past 20 years.

Once on the Hilltop, Jack will begin attending smaller events and then move on to appearances in larger venues. When he’s ready, Jack will be a regular fixture at basketball games and other athletic events, at university events, riding around campus in his golf cart, and playing with students on their way to class. 

While the former mascots were known for skateboarding at basketball games, the new puppy’s signature move is still to be determined – though he’s already demonstrated a proclivity for skateboarding, Farr says. 

Jack joins a long line of bulldog mascots, including the most recent Jack the Bulldog, who passed away in July after a brief illness.

The new puppy will be the ninth bulldog to serve as university mascot and the eighth named Jack.

Why Georgetown Has a Bulldog Mascot

A black-and-white image of Jack the Bulldog in 1962.
Jack I became Georgetown’s live mascot in 1962. Students wanted to name the new dog “Hoya,” but he only answered to “Jack.”

The first Jack the Bulldog emerged on the scene in 1962. 

Georgetown had a series of other canine mascots early in its history, but the practice stopped in 1951 when the university suspended varsity football. In 1962, the student-run Georgetown Mascot Committee was determined to bring back the tradition, and picked the English bulldog as the breed that “best embodied the tenacity of Hoya athletes,” according to the Georgetown Library

The students raised funds to support the mascot through dances, a basketball game, sale of stock certificates and door-to-door solicitation. 

They eventually purchased a two-year-old bulldog whom they planned to call “Hoya,” named after a series of earlier Boston bull terrier mascots. But the dog answered only to Jack, ushering in a new tradition for the next 50 years.  

Everything You Need To Know About Jack

Name: Jack the Bulldog

Official Papered Name: Serchell’s John P. Carroll

Age: Four months

Birthday: July 28, 2023

Arrival at Georgetown: Early 2024

Birthplace: Hanford, California

Weight: 30 lbs

Color: Red with white markings

Lineage/Any Relation to Former Jacks: No relation

Favorite pastimes: Skateboarding, looking for admirers, chasing dragonflies, playing with other dogs

Favorite food: Cantaloupe, meat of any kind

Favorite hangouts: Anywhere with sun, preferably laying belly up 

Learn more at the official Jack the Bulldog website.

Joining the Jack Crew:

The Jack Crew, positions for which students must apply, is responsible for walking Jack three times  a day and escorting him to various events on and off campus. To become a member, students must have attended Georgetown for at least one semester, have experience with animals and be able to show evidence of school spirit. Students are also asked to learn basic information about bulldogs and show they are comfortable with handling dogs. An application for the new Jack Crew is coming soon.