Students in front of Healy Gate with signs welcoming admitted students
Category: Campus Life, Student Experience

Title: 3 Things You Should Know Before Attending GAAP Weekend

Author: Zehra Mizra (C'24)
Date Published: March 21, 2024

After receiving your acceptance to Georgetown (!!), an exciting opportunity you have is to attend a GAAP Open House Weekend, sponsored by the Georgetown Admissions Ambassador Program.

GAAP Weekend is an incredible opportunity to get a glimpse of the Georgetown experience before you (hopefully) attend Georgetown in the fall. From meeting other admitted students, attending small lectures from some of our favorite professors, seeing the campus and neighborhood highlights, and so much more, there is so much to do and learn in just two days of fun and busy programming. 

Once you receive your official acceptance, make sure to check your email for more information on GAAP Weekend and how to register. It’s a great way to get a glimpse into student life on campus.

I have been a member of GAAP since my freshman year, serving on the board for the last three years and currently serving as the president. It is by far my (and many other students’) favorite event of the year, as Georgetown students get to share all of their Georgetown enthusiasm with the admitted students! To make the most of your GAAP Weekend, I’m listing three things that I recommend you do during GAAP Weekend.

1. Talk to current students as much as possible

Throughout the weekend you will have the chance to meet and interact with so many Georgetown students. From the GAAP volunteers (in the light blue t-shirts), the state chairs that attend the continental regional breakfast and all the students tabling the mini club fair, you have so many opportunities to chat with students one-on-one. 

As current students, we have been in your position before. We have gone through the college application process, weighed the pros and cons of schools and ultimately decided on Georgetown. With that, do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have! Whether that be about why we chose Georgetown, the types of classes we have taken, our highs and lows of attending Georgetown, etc, asking questions and talking to current students will help you better understand the Georgetown experience. While there is a ton of programming for you to learn about the university, the conversations with current students are probably the most valuable aspect of the weekend, so make sure you take the time to chat with us! 

Current students speaking with admitted students during the Saturday continental breakfast.

2. Attend all the GAAP Weekend events

I know. The schedule is packed with programming throughout the two days  (don’t worry, Saturday is more lax). While it may seem like a lot, GAAP Weekend does a great job of showing almost everything in just two days and helps you get a strong idea of all that Georgetown has to offer. 

I recommend you take advantage of all the programming, as you learn something different in each one. In my experience, I knew before coming to Georgetown that I wanted to study abroad. However, I had no idea what types of programs were offered or what that process would be like. I was also curious about how Georgetown helps with finding jobs and internship opportunities. Through GAAP Weekend, you can learn about these through student panels and campus spotlights. Also, one of the highlights of GAAP Weekend is the speakers you’ll hear from during the Welcome Ceremony and Convocation. So with all that said, make the most of the weekend and go to all events!

Admitted student learning more about Georgetown’s clubs and organizations at the mini club fair
Admitted student learning more about Georgetown’s clubs and organizations at mini CAB Fair.

3. Reach out to your future classmates!

There will be a few hundred other students attending your GAAP Weekend. They are all in a similar boat as you, so don’t hesitate to talk to the person you’re sitting next to during icebreakers, lunch or anytime throughout the weekend. I know it can be daunting as you’re meeting so many new people. However, a lot of my friends have met their roommates and some of their closest friends at Georgetown through GAAP Weekend, so take that as your sign to meet your fellow future classmates!

GAAP Weekend is such an exciting event that you’ll want to maximize it to the fullest. The Georgetown community is so welcoming, and we are so excited to see you on the Hilltop! 

Zehra Mirza (C’24) is a senior in the College of Arts & Sciences majoring in economics and minoring in Spanish, originally from Ocean City, Maryland.