Hoya Vaxa

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Georgetown faculty, staff and students have answered the call to support public health efforts. In recent months our community members have worked to distribute and educate on the COVID-19 vaccine, living our value “people for others.”

Aug. 1 Student Deadline to submit vaccination documentation
Aug. 9 Faculty and Staff Deadline to submit vaccination documentation
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Answering the Call: Georgetown Coordinates COVID-19 High-Capacity Vaccination Site

Georgetown medical and nursing students, supported by dozens of other undergraduate, faculty and staff volunteers, vaccinated more than 2,500 people at the Entertainment and Sports Arena in DC’s Ward 8.

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Equal Shot: Georgetown Experts Focused on Equitable Vaccine Distribution, Vaccine Hesitancy

Georgetown experts are engaged in urgent conversations on how to deliver vaccines equitably around the globe and counter vaccine hesitancy.

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Religion and Diplomacy Important to COVID-19 Vaccination Efforts

Leaders from government, academia and the NGO sector explored the intersections of religion and diplomacy during the COVID-19 pandemic at a Georgetown event.

Doug Meyer wears army uniform while standing in front of a computer

McCourt alumnus Army Maj. Doug Meyer (G’19) manages the United States COVID-19 vaccine distribution efforts supporting the federal response and progressing pandemic recovery.

An image of a gloved hand administering a vaccination into a person's arm.

Georgetown University Medical Center students volunteer with MedStar Health to administer the COVID-19 vaccine around Washington, DC.