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Georgetown Community Serves, Advocates, Creates Ways to Help During Pandemic

Georgetown students, alumni, faculty and staff find ways to make a difference – whether treating patients from the front lines, advocating for those impacted by coronavirus, finding solutions through social entrepreneurship or serving the Washington, DC community as well as their own communities across the country.

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Values-Based Dedication to Caring for Others

Georgetown’s Office of Mission and Ministry offers a special Ignatian retreat to acknowledge the values-based dedication of alumni providing patient care, conducting scientific research, promoting public health and managing hospital responses.

Advocacy and Community Connection

Six students stand in front of a banner that reads FarmLink.

Three Georgetown students join the fight to connect farms with surplus produce and food banks with food shortages.

Ariana Mastrogiannis outside with trees behind her.

Ariana Mastrogiannis (C’20) has organized an ongoing GoFundMe campaign to pay local restaurants to deliver meals to the emergency departments and intensive care units of New York hospitals.

Front-Line Patient Care

“I think the saddest and hardest part for me is having the patients there without any of their family. If a patient is COVID positive, there cannot be any visitors, even if a decision is made regarding end-of-life care or if a patient dies.”

“I research and analyze positive cases’ contact tracing through interviews and present written and oral recommendations to these residents and their at-risk contacts.”

“It was really empowering to see that we didn’t necessarily need an MD behind our name to start contributing.”

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Teaching COVID-19

Dr. Debbie Barrington, assistant professor of human science, is teaching a new course she developed on the social determinants of COVID-19 – and the disproportionate impact it would have on the most vulnerable.

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Entering the Fray Amid Pandemic

The Class of 2020 medical students make the transition from student to physician against the backdrop of a global pandemic – pulled from their clinical rotations five weeks early per national guidelines and scattered to their hometowns to finish out the academic year.

About 20 men and women appear in Zoom squares on a screen.

McCourt School of Public Policy class awards local nonprofits $20,000 to support equitable community impact during the pandemic.

The Hariri building where the McDonough School of Business is housed

The university’s MBA students continue their commitment to the community during the pandemic by participating in volunteer programs, supporting charities with donations and assisting with other local events.

Serving Communities All Over

A graphic illustration of people putting puzzle pieces together in the shape of cornavirus.

Eleven teams compete in Georgetown Entrepreneurship’s virtual COVID-19 Design Challenge to develop ways to lessen the impact of COVID-19 on the future of work, learning, and communities.

Liam Marshall squatting on a front lawn with a sign stuck in the lawn reading "Thank You First Responders and Medical Providers and all other essential workers."

Liam Marshall (B’23) sells “Thank You!” lawn signs in his home state of New Jersey to raise funds for medical workers on the frontlines of the pandemic.