About the Reconciliation Fund Anchor

About the Reconciliation Fund

The Reconciliation Fund launched in spring 2022. Inspired by an undergraduate student referendum in 2019, the Reconciliation Fund will award $400,000 annually to community-based projects that have direct impact on Descendant communities.

The fund will be organized and supported by a student awards committee, a Descendant advisory committee and a university review board.

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Fund Goals Anchor

Fund Goals

The Reconciliation Fund will prioritize community-based projects that have a broad and significant impact on communities of Descendants whose ancestors were enslaved on Jesuit plantations in Maryland. Community-based projects can take a variety of forms and cover a wide range of areas including health and legal clinics, environmental justice projects, after school and pre-college programs, projects focused on local history and memorialization and more.

For much of Georgetown’s early history, our institution benefited from the enslavement of people of African descent through the Jesuit plantations and from the practices of slavery and forced labor that took place on our campus and in our local community. This project is one way the university is seeking to address this history and respond to the enduring legacies of slavery that are still present in our time.

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Process and Timeline Anchor

Process and Timeline

The Student Awards Committee began meeting in March 2022 and has begun to outline key steps to launch the fund’s application process.

The university has also begun outreach to Descendant leaders to serve on a Descendant Advisory Board. The goal will be to bring together Descendants with a diverse range of perspectives and experiences. This board will provide advice and guidance to the Awards Committee on the implementation of the fund and suggest strategies to engage the Descendant community more broadly in the fund’s efforts.

A University Review Board, composed of university administrators, will receive recommendations about award recipients and be responsible for distributing grants to the selected projects.

The application is currently being developed, and additional details will be shared once they are available.

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Frequently Asked Questions Anchor

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I reach out to with questions?

You may reach out to reconciliationfund@georgetown.edu with questions about the fund.

How can I apply?

Application details will be provided at a later date.

How can I support the fund?

Visit give.georgetown.edu/smr to provide financial support for the fund.

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