Reconciliation Fund

The Reconciliation Fund, inspired by a 2019 student referendum, awards $400,000 annually to community-based projects that aim to have an impact on Descendant communities whose ancestors were once enslaved on Maryland Jesuit plantations.

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Fall 2022 applications are open through November 25 for organizations and individuals. Applications will be prioritized based on how they demonstrate an impact on Descendant communities connected to Jesuit slaveholding in the U.S., particularly the families who were once enslaved on plantations in Maryland and sold in 1838 to plantation owners in Louisiana.

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About the Reconciliation Fund

Led by a Student Awards Committee, a Descendant Advisory Committee and a University Review Board, the Reconciliation Fund supports community-based projects such as health and legal clinics, environmental justice projects, after school and pre-college programs, projects focused on local history and memorialization and more. Over 500 Georgetown alumni have provided support to the fund.

“In order for us to grow as a society, we need to acknowledge and right the wrongs of the past,” he said. “I am privileged in my ability to be a Ph.D student at Georgetown University, but I believe it is my duty as a leader to make sure that Georgetown fulfills its promise to the Descendants of the slaves that the school exploited in its past.”

“We are necessarily connected, and with intentionality, could create learning and other discoveries beyond our imagination. In other words, we anchor Descendants and Georgetown toward a future of immeasurable possibilities.”

“The Reconciliation Fund is a collective effort — an example of our community’s deep commitment to the possibilities that can emerge when we work in partnership to advance reconciliation. This project is one way the university is reckoning with the legacies of slavery that have shaped our past and to respond by advancing justice and equity in our present.”

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Application Process

Grants will be awarded twice per year through an application process that will be held in the fall and in the spring for projects that demonstrate they will positively impact Descendant communities. Fall 2022 applications are open now. Both individuals and organizations are eligible to apply.

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