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To request a campus-wide email to advertise your event, you can submit your request through the Event Broadcast Email Submission Form managed by the Office of Strategic Communications. Please note that broadcasts submitted through the request form can only be sent to the Main and Medical Campuses; Georgetown Law has a separate process for distributing broadcast email messages. The request must include a hyperlink to the event on the Georgetown Events Calendar. Information on how to add an event to the events calendar is below.

All event advertisements will be built in a standard template and sent between 7-9 a.m. ET. If you would like to discuss options for advertising a multi-event series, email Audrey Lee, internal communications manager, and Kevin Sullivan, director of internal operations and internal communications.

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Who Should Request a Broadcast Anchor

Who Should Request a Broadcast

  • Broadcast invitations are intended for large (expected 100+ participants), general interest events sponsored by schools, departments, programs, institutes, centers, offices, initiatives, etc.
    • Events intended for fewer than 100 participants are more effectively advertised through your own audience and networks and other relevant university newsletters.
  • If you are working with the Office of Protocol and Events, you should reach out directly to their office instead of filling out the broadcast request form.
  • Internally-facing academic events, such as major/minor or fellowship information sessions, should be routed through deans offices. 
  • For student-run events, students should reach out to their advisors.
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When to Submit Your Request Anchor

When to Submit Your Request

  • We recommend that broadcast invitations be sent about a week before an event.
  • Please submit event broadcast requests at least two business days prior to the requested send date, keeping in mind that some dates may not be available for sending broadcast invitations, and incorporating a reasonable amount of time to process and act on accommodation requests. 
  • We will only send one announcement for each event and cannot accommodate reminders.
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Georgetown Event Calendar

  • The request must include a hyperlink to the event on the Georgetown Events Calendar.
    • Event managers can add events to the calendar through WordPress. Please refer to the step-by-step Event Manager Guide for more information. 
    • If you are not an event manager with WordPress access, but you would like to add an occasional event to the Georgetown calendar, you can add an event via the Event Submission form. You can expect your event to be live on the calendar within two business days after submission.
    • If you are not sure if you are an event manager, or if you do not know who your managers are, you can review the list of Departments and Event Managers. If you do not find your department and plan to use the new calendar system, or you would like to request changes to the event managers list, please email eventscalendar@georgetown.edu and webservices@georgetown.edu.
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  • Your advertisement must provide a disability accommodation request contact and deadline in advance of your event. 
  • For virtual events, live captions may be required if the audience is expected to exceed 200 people, or if live captions are requested. When planning your event, be sure to follow Georgetown’s accessibility guidelines, including those for Zoom Live Events.
  • Broadcasts cannot include event flyers with overlaid text or other text-focused images because they are not accessible to members of our community who rely on screen readers. We can include non-text images, which require alternative text.
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  • We advise setting up a Zoom webinar room rather than a regular Zoom meeting to help avoid “Zoom bombing.” Setting up an RSVP form and sending the meeting link only to those who registered is another way to help protect your virtual event.
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