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Title: 6 Must-Do Things For Senior Parents and Family Weekend

Author: Christine Mauvais
Date Published: February 1, 2024

The parents are coming! I repeat, the parents are coming! February 2-4 is Senior Parents and Family Weekend (SPFW) at Georgetown, where family members of senior students travel to the university and spend the weekend in DC. During that time, the Senior Class Committee plans a bunch of fun activities families can participate in like Last Chance Lectures and reception dinners with the university president. 

While the committee has a bunch of activities listed on their itinerary, there’s always room for other additional things you can do on your own with your family. 

As a senior myself, I decided to compile a list of fun things to do during the weekend to enjoy with family and friends. 

Tour The Campus

Who needs Blue and Gray (still love you guys), when your family has you to guide them around campus. During the weekend, show them around all the beautiful sites like Healy Lawn, Dahlgren Quad, Vil A Rooftops and the Hariri building! Throughout my four years as a student, my mom has never really gotten a chance to see all of campus — only the front gates and my dorm. So this weekend is a great opportunity for family members to see all that Georgetown has to offer. 

Skate at the Ice Rink

Christine and her mom pose for a selfie in front of the John Carroll Statue in Healy Circle
Sophomore year move-in with my mom. What a time!

Break the ice and swing by the Washington Harbor Ice Rink near the Waterfront during the weekend. Ice skating is the perfect seasonal activity for winter and can be a delightful and enjoyable activity that can create lasting memories. Plus, you get a lovely view of the Potomac River and the rest of the city. If you’re anything like me and are a klutz on the ice, you can watch the skaters from afar and explore the shops nearby at the Waterfront.

Visit the Kennedy Center

The Kennedy Center is a walkable distance away from the university. There are so many events that they showcase — from orchestra shows to award-winning theatrical performances. This weekend’s lineup for shows includes An Evening with Seth Mac and Liz Gillies, and tick, tick… BOOM! It’ll be fun to check out for sure!

Go to the basketball game 

There’s nothing that shows off our school spirit as much as the basketball games. Come out and support the Hoya Blue in their game against Marquette. It’s a home game, located at the Capital One area in Downtown DC. You can travel there via the Capital Campus GUTS bus. The stop is a 15-20 minute walk from the arena. 

Visit the museums and monuments

From left to right: Christine's mom, Christine's brother, and Christine smile for a group photo in front of the Lincoln Memorial
Lincoln Memorial with my family! My mother, brother, and I visited the Lincoln Memorial during the Summer Hilltop Immersion Program (SHIP).

I know this is the typical tourist thing to do in DC, but it’s a staple for a reason. The city is home to so many iconic landmarks and museums with rich cultural history. Here are some of my favorites: the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, World War II Memorial, Korean War Memorial, African American Museum, Museum of Natural History, Museum of American History, Holocaust Museum, and National Air and Space Museum.

Check out the restaurants 

Introduce your family to your favorite food spots around campus. DC is known for its delicious cuisine and brunch scene. Explore food finds like Call Your Mother (compliments the weekend theme), Greco, Falafel Inc, Mai Thai, Thomas Sweets, El Centro, Barcelona Wine Bar and more!

This concludes my recommendations for activities to do this upcoming weekend! I hope this list was helpful. There are so many things you can do in DC with your family, but at the end of the day, the most important thing is that you’re here with each other. And with that, I wish you all a lovely SPFW, Hoyas!