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Title: Historic Election Prompts Immediate Uncertainty, Continued Encouragement for Civic Engagement

Graphic slide that reads Georgetown This Week.

An Engaged Society

Georgetown President John J. DeGioia stressed the importance of democracy and civic engagement during his Georgetown This Week: Nov. 2 episode.

“The success of our democracy requires an engaged society, a public that has been prepared to engage to ensure that democracy self-flourishes,” he says in the episode. “An engaged society also requires that every institution fulfills its responsibility to our common project.”

Hartman says she’s happy about the work she accomplished this election season – planning ways to create a sense of community and promote civility, bringing politicos to forums for student engagement as well as congressional leaders from the two major parties.

Now, she’ll wait for the election outcome.

“It is definitely nerve-wracking, but I am reassured,” she says. “I know the reason it is taking longer is because every ballot will be getting counted.”