Category: Messages to the Community

Title: Faculty Access to Offices and Lab Capacity Expansion

Dear Georgetown Main Campus and Medical Center Faculty,

We write today with two updates: an invitation for faculty to return to campus and an expansion of research laboratory capacity.

Vaccination status will not affect access to your office/laboratory at this time, but it will determine the testing and masking protocols that you are required to follow. Please see the public health guidance section of this letter for more information.

Faculty requesting access to offices should complete the Campus Eligibility Request form and select “Faculty Office Access” as the primary reason for requesting access. 

Research laboratories will now be permitted to operate at 75% capacity with 6 feet of physical distancing. 100% capacity will be allowed starting on July 1 subject to the same physical distancing requirement.

Research laboratories no longer need to submit research resumption plans. However, to make requests on behalf of new team members needing access to campus, you must use the Campus Eligibility Request form. You can submit a request to add a single researcher/staff member or upload a file with multiple requests.

Public Health Guidance

Regardless of testing protocol or vaccination status, you must complete the COVID-19 Daily Check-In survey via the GU360 mobile app or GU360 website. If you are fully vaccinated and choose to upload proof of vaccination to the GU360 mobile app or GU360 website, you will only be required to take a COVID-19 test once every 30 days, per the University’s COVID-19 Testing Protocol as of June 1.

If you choose not to upload vaccination documentation or if you are not fully vaccinated at the time you wish to return to your office, you will be required to take a COVID-19 test more frequently and follow the COVID-19 Testing Protocol for unvaccinated and partially vaccinated individuals. Once you are fully vaccinated, you will then move to the less frequent testing protocol.

Following the guidelines above will allow you to receive a green Building Access Badge on the GU360 app on your phone or GU360 website, which is linked to your GOCard for building access via GOCard-swipe entry points. More details about the Building Access Badge process can be found on the University Operations web page.

For the summer months of June and July, some buildings will have GOCard-swipe access and others will have public health screeners at doorways. Both modes of accessing campus buildings will require that you have a green badge, via the GU360 app or GU360 website, on the day of your visit. For the very few buildings that do not have card-swipe access doors, you may gain access by calling GUPD at 202-687-4343. GUPD will require you to show your green badge on the GU360 app or GU360 website and will then provide access to the building you are trying to access.

If you want to meet with another individual in your office, you must all follow public health guidelines in place on our campus through the summer term. As a reminder: masks are required indoors, except when eating or drinking; or when alone in a private room with a closed door.

We must all adhere to the public safety guidelines in place at any time and acknowledge these guidelines are rapidly changing. Of course, all decisions about summer and fall access to campus will be informed by public health conditions in our community and may be subject to change.

We are very pleased to be returning to campus and look forward to taking each step that leads us back to full in-person activities. We look forward to seeing you on campus very soon.


Robert M. Groves, Provost

Edward B. Healton, Executive Vice President for Health Sciences

Geoffrey S. Chatas, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer