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Veterans and Military at Georgetown

Georgetown honors its veteran and military-connected community by celebrating their stories and focusing on service and research related to their well-being.

Veterans Day Events

November 9
Dahlgren Quad Tent
November 11
November 11
Ceremony- 3:00pm in Copley Lawn (Reception to follow in Dahlgren Quadrangle Tent)
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Scholarships for Veterans and Military-Connected Students

The Craig Newmark Veterans Scholarship Fund will support scholarships, experiential learning opportunities and community programs in support of military-connected students at the McCourt School of Public Policy.

Student Stories

“As a Ranger, I experienced the reality of war. As a diplomat, I learned that tough negotiation will always outweigh even the slightest cost of war. My time at Georgetown is broadening my horizon and teaching me critical skills to develop well thought-out policy.”

“A lot of people have reached out to me for advice, how to get help, how to seek treatment, what are the stigmas. Far too often, it’s a ‘sit down, shut up and swallow it’ mentality. I tried doing that and it didn’t end very well, so I try to support everybody in the military who seeks mental health.”

“Part of our whole system is community outreach. We realized that we’re dealing with a demographic of people – veterans and military spouses – where service is so ingrained in their DNA that they need to have this as part of any training.”

Alumni Impact

Doug Meyer wears army uniform while standing in front of a computer

McCourt alumnus Army Maj. Doug Meyer (G’19) manages the United States COVID-19 vaccine distribution efforts supporting the federal response and progressing pandemic recovery.

A healthcare worker in blue scrubs looks down at a hanheld device.

Georgetown Alumnus Nadhal Eadeh (G’18) shares how he combines decades-long experience at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and a McCourt School of Public Policy education to help improve health…

ROTC members dressed in running gear stand on steps with the sun rising in the background.

Hoyas on the Run

ROTC member Augie Iorio (SFS’22) documents his early morning Welcome Hoya Batallion Run.

Nancy Sherman sits outside around colorful leaves on teh ground with Dahlgren Chapel in the background.

Scholar Researches Impact of Moral Injury on Military Service Members

Nancy Sherman, University Professor of Philosophy, talks about the difference between moral injury and the post traumatic stress disorder felt by veterans and service members who have been in war.