Values Anchor


Academic Excellence

  • Belief in the life of the mind and its capacity to search for truth
  • Commitment to excellence in teaching
  • Commitment to Catholic and Jesuit tradition
  • Recruitment of outstanding faculty and students

Commitment to Catholic and Jesuit Identity

  • Commitment to love, knowledge, and service of God’s people
  • Exploration of questions of ultimate meaning
  • Active work for social justice

Interior Freedom

  • Belief in reflection as the critical dimension of spiritual life and intellectual inquiry
  • Commitment to educating individuals to be capable of reflection and critical thinking about their own lives and decisions
  • Belief that self-awareness provides conditions for freedom in thought and action

Building Community

  • Fostering a vibrant community for academic excellence, active citizenship, personal growth, and appreciation for diversity
  • Responding to each individual’s gifts & needs
  • Commitment to a student-centered undergraduate community comprised of women and men of extraordinary promise from throughout the world
  • Provision of a launching pad and home base to which one can return throughout one’s life

Transformative Leadership

  • Belief in importance of leadership
  • Desire to inspire and challenge community members to use their unique talents and interests in ways that serve social justice and the common good
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Vision Anchor


Improve the World Through Knowledge and Leadership

  • As a university, we will make a disproportionate difference in improving the world for the common good
  • The world change we desire to effect will be achieved by the creation, discovery, and application of knowledge across the world
  • Change is also achieved by preparing leaders with a profound self-understanding and awareness of responsibilities of leadership, the nature of the world, and the role that they must play in improving it
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Strategic Imperatives Anchor

Strategic Imperatives

1. Strengthen Academic Research Competitiveness

  • Strengthen and grow signature programs
  • Emphasize programs that respond to global needs
  • Enhance faculty excellence
  • Enhance student access and affordability
  • Strengthen Catholic and Jesuit Identity
  • Enhance Main Campus Science
  • Strengthen Graduate Programs

2. Leverage Assets to Address Issues of Our Age

  • Public Scholarship and Public Policy
  • Globalization – Grow academic strengths in areas of global impact
  • Interreligious Understanding – Move from an institutional strength to global leader in interdisciplinary studies of religion
  • Life Sciences – Invest in life science infrastructure and research to deliver advances in the understanding of biological processes through the application of theoretically grounded quantitative methods

3. Strengthen Financial Resources to Fund Imperatives

  • Strategic Revenue Growth
  • Strengthen Advancement to Support Mission and Strategy
  • Strengthen Medical Center Finances
  • Invest in Infrastructure – including Athletics and Sciences
  • Strengthen Financial Management and Planning across institution
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Mission Anchor


Address the Issues of Our Age Across the Globe

  • Grounded in the University’s historic mission, we will address the key global issues of our age
  • This will be achieved through:
    • Enhancement of Georgetown’s culture of academic excellence, and our Jesuit, Catholic identity
    • Utilization of the relationships and dialogue offered by Georgetown’s location in Washington, DC
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