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COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement

To protect the health and safety of the Georgetown community, visitors to University-owned, operated or leased buildings in the United States must have received a a primary series and, when eligible, an additional dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, or attest to having a medical or religious exemption.

Visitors need to follow the University’s protocol for verifying their vaccination status, which is outlined below, and complete a health attestation on the morning of their visit to attest that they are symptom-free. Visitors also need to continue to comply with all other University public health guidelines.

This protocol applies to anyone visiting Georgetown for a class, meeting or event who is not already subject to the University’s COVID-19 vaccination requirement for students, faculty, staff and contractors who work regularly on campus.

Examples of individuals who fall under this protocol include:

  • Event/meeting attendees,
  • Guest speakers or panelists in academic classes or programs or other events,
  • Visiting research scholars,
  • Family members and friends of Georgetown community members,
  • Prospective students and their families,
  • Alumni, and
  • Contractors and vendors who do not work regularly on campus.

However, there are a few exceptions to this protocol, including:

  • Visitors attending an event that will be entirely outdoors (such as athletic games held at Cooper Field and Shaw Field),
  • Study participants visiting Georgetown for research purposes (they should inquire about separate protocols that may be applicable depending on the research team and setting),
  • Clients of Law Center clinics,
  • Delivery drivers, and
  • Visitors entering a public University-owned or operated building for a short period of time (e.g., to use the restroom, or go to the bookstore or dining locations in the Leavey Center).

Yates Field House, Kehoe Field and all Georgetown University libraries continue to be closed to external community members and guests. Access to Main Campus residential buildings continues to be limited to Georgetown students and employees.

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Visitor Registration Process

  1. Students, faculty or staff hosting an event or meeting with visitors must create an event/meeting record through the University’s visitor registration portal. This step should be completed as soon as an event or meeting is confirmed to allow visitors as much time as possible to upload vaccination documentation or attest to a medical or religious exemption.
  2. The event/meeting host will then send visitor(s) the unique URL (i.e., web link) for their event/meeting and instructions on how to submit their vaccination documentation, which they will receive via email after they create an event/meeting record in the portal.
  3. Visitor(s) will then use the URL to upload their vaccination documentation or attest to having a medical or religious exemption.
    • Visitors who attest to having an exemption or who are under the age of 12 will need to take a COVID-19 PCR test within 48 hours prior to their visit and provide their negative test results to the University with their health attestation the morning of their visit. Visitors under the age of 12 who submit documentation showing they are up to date on their vaccination do not need to take a PCR test. We strongly encourage visitors who are between 5 and 11 years old to be vaccinated, though it is not required at this time.
    • Please note that our academic campuses may have differing policies regarding allowing visitors under the age or 12. Event/meeting hosts should check with their campus or unit head to confirm if visitors under the age of 12 are allowed in their area.
  4. Visitor(s) will receive an email with their health attestation the morning of their event/meeting and must complete it before their visit.
    • If they are symptom free, they will receive an email confirming they are approved to visit Georgetown.
    • If they indicate they have symptoms or do not submit their negative test results (if they attested to having an exemption), they will receive an email stating that they are not permitted to visit Georgetown. 
  5. The event/meeting host will make sure visitor(s) have been approved to visit Georgetown in one of the following ways:
    • Reviewing the list in the event-specific Box folder you will be given access to when you create your event/meeting record. This list will show you whether your visitor(s) have completed the necessary steps to visit campus, but will not show personal information about them such as their vaccination documentation.
    • Before providing access to a Georgetown University building, ask to see the visitor’s confirmation email.

Note: While we strongly encourage hosts to make sure visitors register for their event/meeting prior to their visit, hosts may share this same-day visitor registration form with visitors who are not able to submit their vaccination documentation in advance. To assist with completing the registration form, hosts should instruct their visitors on which campus location and host name to enter for their event or meeting. Visitors will need to provide their contact information and submit their vaccination documentation or attest to having a medical or religious exemption or being under the age of 12. If the visitor attests to having an exemption or is under the age of 12, they will need to upload a negative PCR test result taken within the last 48 hours in order to complete the visitor registration process.

Georgetown will continue to comply with all applicable privacy, confidentiality and public health laws relating to collection and maintenance of health-related records, including COVID-19 vaccination records. The University recognizes the importance of protecting private health information and will protect student, faculty, staff and visitor privacy by limiting what sensitive information is collected, who has access to it, how it is used and how long it is retained to the extent possible while protecting public health.

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Public Health Guidance for Events Anchor

Public Health Guidance for Events

Indoor events and meetings, including with visitors, have resumed on campus, provided that event organizers, meeting hosts and visitors follow the University’s visitor vaccination requirement and process. The University may limit capacity in certain large indoor venues at any time (e.g., Gaston Hall, McDonough Arena).

When planning an event or meeting on campus, we strongly encourage members of our community to adhere to the following best practices to ensure safety:

  • Hold your event outdoors rather than indoors, when possible;
  • Take steps to limit event size, and use livestreams and Zoom conferencing when possible;
  • Limit your event to Georgetown community members only by requiring all participants to show a GOCard to access the event, when possible;
  • Keep a list of attendees in the event that contact tracing becomes necessary;
  • Please share information about your event with the Public Health team so they can provide additional tailored guidance.
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Reserving Event Spaces Anchor

Reserving Event Spaces

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Frequently Asked Questions Anchor

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Georgetown University’s visitor vaccination requirement can be found on the COVID-19 FAQs page.


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