Category: Campus Life

Title: What It Is Like Living in Southwest Quad at Georgetown

Author: Jackson M.
Date Published: November 2, 2021

Living in the Southwest Quad at Georgetown is a great way to enjoy student life here on the Hilltop. There are so many benefits that come with living in either Kennedy, McCarthy, or Reynolds Hall that enhance the experience of dorm life. In the SW Quad, you are located in proximity to frequented campus buildings, enjoy the amenities such as outdoor space and convenient services, as well as spacious living quarters and floor facilities.

The location of the SW Quad makes it one of the most convenient places to be on campus. One of the most important places within a close walk is Leo’s dining hall. As a student on campus, its pretty likely you’ll be at Leo’s very often and it’s very convenient to have less than a 3 minute walk to get all the food you need whenever you need it. Besides Leo’s, Healy Hall, the ICC, MSB, and almost all the academic buildings you will have classes in are within a 5 minute walk as well (depending on how fast you walk). Additionally, for those who enjoy working out and campus recreation facilities, Yates Field House is only a 5 minute walk up the hill from the SW Quad, meaning you can squeeze a workout in between classes without worrying about a long trip home.

The SW Quad has a lot of amenities for students. The first and arguably most important is Hoya Snaxa. Located in the breezeway between all three dorm buildings, Hoya Snaxa is a location of The Corp. which sells a wide variety of food from Ben & Jerry’s ice cream to fresh sushi which is delivered everyday. They sell products at a low price and accept flex dollars, so your meal plan can get you a lot of good snacks, especially if you’re up late studying and need something to eat. Outside of the buildings there is a beach volleyball court and lots of benches and chairs surrounding it so you can spend some time doing work, reading, or just enjoying the outdoors. In addition to these amenities, Kennedy Hall is home to a smart-locker room where you will pick up all your packages with a QR code, a printing room, and some of the best views on campus! In my room, I look directly over Cooper Field, however, on the other side the rooms have a view over the Potomac River and Arlington. You can’t go wrong in the SW Quad! It should be mentioned that because all the three buildings are connected, there is a good chance you will know someone (or many people) who lives just a few seconds away! It is super easy to go from one building to another and makes seeing your friends as easy as if they were in the same building as you.

When you live in the SW Quad, you’ll have standard features of dorm living, such as communal bathrooms and lounges. There are two bathrooms for each gender you may identify as on every floor, as well as a full kitchen included in the lounge. This is super nice if you like to cook—there is a stove, fridge and freezer and a lot of counter space as well. The lounges have a TV as well which is used to host events on your floor but can also be utilized by students as well. In your own room, you’re able to control your own AC and heat, which is a great feature if you are particular about what temperature you want your room to be. Not to be forgotten is the huge amount of cabinet and storage space you have to put all your clothes and other personal items in.

Living in the Southwest Quad is an amazing experience for students here at Georgetown. I have loved being so close to all the best places on campus, not to mention having Hoya Snaxa right downstairs! You absolutely should take advantage of the opportunity to live here during your time at Georgetown, you won’t regret it!