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Title: University-Related International Travel Policy and Registration Requirement

Dear Faculty and Staff,

As you are making plans for international travel supported by or related to Georgetown for Spring or Summer 2024, please follow the University’s International Travel Policy. The Policy requires faculty, staff and students to register their university sponsored international travel with the University and may require additional steps depending on the traveler(s) and the destination.

All faculty and staff must register their university sponsored international travel with the online Georgetown Travel Registration system managed by International SOS (ISOS) and have adequate health insurance. Travel registration enables the University to provide travelers with support in the event of an emergency, in-depth travel security information and subject-specific intelligence and assistance alerts.


  • Faculty and staff planning university-related or sponsored international experiences that include students must complete the International Travel Authorization The International Travel Authorization process must be initiated at least four weeks prior to the intended departure date in order to ensure adequate time for any required review and approval. Please contact with questions about this process.
  • Law Center faculty and staff traveling with students should consult with the Law Center’s Office of Transnational Programs.

Spring Break Travel Deadline

Given that spring break is peak travel time and to better manage the high number of travel requests, all university-related or sponsored spring break travel that includes students must be submitted to the Director for International Safety and Security via the international travel authorization process six weeks prior to the intended departure date. If the travel information is not received by four weeks prior to departure, there may not be adequate time to conduct the required health and safety review, and your spring break travel may not be permitted.

Elevated Risk Regions

Faculty and staff undertaking university-related travel to Elevated Risk Regions should be aware that there may be additional university and insurance requirements.

Export Controls

Please contact for assistance with any of your Export Controls and International Research Collaboration questions or concerns.

Public Health Guidelines

All faculty and staff undertaking university-related international travel are expected to follow the university’s public health policies in place at the time of their travel, as well as any public health laws or regulations in the countries they are visiting.

It is recommended that you complete a pre-travel health assessment with your physician or a travel clinic, including completing any required vaccinations.


Additional information about travel services at Georgetown can be found at Contact Catey Williams at with any questions about the International Travel Policy or compliance process. Students will also receive a similar message about their requirements for university-related travel.

Best regards,

Catey Williams
Director for International Safety and Security