Healy Hall reflected in a puddle.
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Title: Top 5 Puddles at Georgetown

Author: August (SFS ‘20)
Date Published: February 4, 2019

There’s no such thing as a bad day on the Hilltop. Even on the rainiest of days Georgetown never ceases to surprise. In honor of today’s rainy day, I’ve compiled a list of my top 5 favorite puddles. Lace up your bean-boots and follow along…Happy Stomping!

The Front Gates: The First Puddle

This is likely the first puddle you’ll encounter when you get to campus and see Healy Hall looming over the far shores.

Puddle 2: The Alumni Square Moat

A puddle on a path in Alumni Square.

One of Georgetown’s favorite puddles, the Alumni Square Moat allows you to steeple-chase your way to class.

Puddle 3. 36th Street Archipuddlego

Puddles on the sidewalk.

36th Street is covered in puddles! Hop from one to the other as you admire the beautiful brick sidewalks.

The Copley Lawn and the Copley Ducks

A puddle on Georgetown's front lawn.

Copley Lawn is home to the largest collection of puddles on campus and more importantly, the Copley Ducks. Georgetown’s favorite Avian couple, they are threatened by the habitat loss caused by the recent drainage construction.

The Parting of the Red Square

Puddles in Red Square.

The Red Square puddle is one of the deepest on campus but that’s never stopped students on Farmer’s Market Wednesdays!

Thanks for stomping along with me today. I hope your shoes aren’t too wet! Hoya Saxa!