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Title: Three Treats To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

Author: Abby (NHS '23)
Date Published: March 17, 2021

With my Irish background, I am always excited to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, even during thepandemic. The holiday calls for festivities in the forms of food, and you will need some sweetsto accompany your potatoes. Here are some of my family’s favorite desserts that make a happyand celebrative day even sweeter!

Pistachio Cupcakes (or really anything pistachio)

I am not sure why I associate pistachio with St. Patrick’s Day, but it is one of my favoriteflavors! I made pistachio cupcakes (pictured above) with some green vanilla frosting. Bakingwith pistachio can be a bit tricky, especially to bring out the nutty flavor, so if you are not willingto spend some extra time in the kitchen, you can always whip up and bake classic Funfetti cakeor your favorite box mix. If cupcakes aren’t your thing, you can also try pistachio pie, bread,macarons, or muffins!

Rice Krispie Treats with Lucky Charms

Rice Krispies are always a winner for any holiday. Nothing compares to homemade fresh warmrice krispies, with the smell of marshmallow wafting through the house. To make your treatsmore St. Patrick themed, you can add some lucky charms (everyone’s favorite) to your mix, butonly the marshmallows, not the cereal! You could also add green sprinkles or dip them in whitechocolate with a green drizzle for another touch.

Mint Brownies

Chocolate and mint is one of the best flavor combinations there is. To bring the combo to your(safe) St. Patrick’s Day celebration, you can make some mint brownies to make a thin mint-likecake! Mint brownies usually have a gooey and brownie base with a sweet mint frosting. If youare feeling crazy, you could also make the dessert a brownie sundae, with the mint brownies andsome mint chip ice cream!

No matter how you are celebrating your St. Patrick’s Day, it can always become a little morefestive with a kick of the flavor in your treats or the design of your decorations! Although thisholiday is probably not looking like anything you expected, you can always bring a smile to thefaces of your family with some desserts that are sure to make everyone want seconds!