Georgetown is framed in the photo on the waterfront during sunset.
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Title: Three Places You Probably Didn’t Know Existed at Georgetown

Author: Ethan
Date Published: October 24, 2019

 Whether you are new to Georgetown, just visiting, or thinking about coming here, these are some of the least well-known spaces on campus. They are great resources, so no matter your purpose on campus, be sure to check them out!

The John Main Meditation Center

Never heard of it? If you’re a student you might walk by this every single day and not even realize it’s there! This quaint little brick building is situated right across from New South on Library Walk, tucked next to some trees and flower beds that add to its charming, picturesque aura. They host silent group meditations daily and also aim to spark an inter-religious dialogue on Georgetown’s campus. The group meditations are open to all, but the center is also open from 1am-10pm every day for anyone to go in for private meditation. If you’re feeling extra stressed one day, just pop by here and take a breather–you won’t regret it!

The MakerHub

The MakerHub, located on the first floor of Lauinger Library, is full of surprises you won’t know you need until you’re there. It really is what the name implies: a space for you to go in and complete any DIY project you need to. They have staff willing to help you, equipment and materials for you to use, and they put on group classes every so often to lead you in creating something. Some things you can do in the MakerHub include 3-D printing, making your own buttons or stickers, binding a journal yourself, or woodworking. Everyone in the MakerHub is super friendly and wants to help you. Drop by whenever you are feeling crafty, need a break from studying, or need to make a gift for someone on a time crunch!

The Bioethics Research Library

It can be hard keeping your motivation to do homework up when you are continuously trekking back to the same places to study. Unless you are familiar with Healy Hall (the big castle one), you might not know that there is actually a beautiful library on the first floor. Stepping inside here makes you feel like you just jumped back in time; wrought-iron, deep red carpets, wooden shelves lined with historic tomes. Studying here makes you feel so sophisticated and gives you a chance to do work outside your room or the main library, Lauinger. The library is open every day and to all students, faculty, and staff.

If you know what these three places are, you’re basically a pro at Georgetown culture! Be sure to pop by one or all of these when you have free time. Whether you learn a meditation technique at the Meditation Center, make something yourself in the MakerHub, or find your new favorite place to study (the Bioethics library), these three places are unique to Georgetown and are so valuable.