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Title: Things To Do Outside As The Weather Changes

Author: Sam (C'24)
Date Published: March 11, 2021

The winter has finally started to come to an end. No longer will we be cramped up in our homes all day, working away on our laptops in the zoom environment. Spring has arrived! It’s important that you take the time to embrace this warm weather! So, here are five unique things you can do outside to take advantage of this perfect weather.

Have a picnic with friends

We all know how draining it can be sitting on zoom for countless hours of the day. If you’re lucky enough to have a nice break in the middle of your day, a picnic lunch is the perfect way to gather with your friends in a socially distanced manner and take a break from staring at a screen. As we enter the flowering weeks of spring, you’ll get to see all of the flowers that are beginning to bloom, guaranteed to put you in a good mood. If you don’t have a designated lunch break within your day, don’t worry, a sunset, dinner picnic can be the perfect motivation to get you through your classes and assignments.

Turn your driveway/sidewalk into an artistic masterpiece

This idea is definitely aimed at those that are more artistically inclined (I, unfortunately, have very little artistic abilities). Maybe you’ve had a long day on zoom, finished a round of midterms, but you don’t want to exert much effort to go to a local park or maybe a bike ride. This is the perfect way to still get outside without going further than your sidewalk. Buy some chalk from a nearby store and let your creativity go wild, drawing anything and everything, the world is literally your canvas.

Watch the sunrise/sunset

A lot of people associate the coming months with more sunshine and warmer weather, but the spring season brings less dreary, cloudy days making sunset and sunrise perfect for your viewing pleasure! Go to a local park, pack a light blanket, and maybe some snacks and watch the sun begin or end the day. I find that watching either the sunset or sunrise can be an extremely meditative experience and a great way to reset either for a day of zoom classes or an evening of homework.

Plant a Garden

Now if you’re really into the warm weather and want to take on a new hobby, starting a garden is just the thing for you. Spring Break is the perfect time to plan out the exact veggies, flowers, and fruits that you want to grow. Buy some pots or choose a corner in your backyard and get to planting! An added bonus: you can boost your cooking skills by using your own home-grown veggies and fruits.

Go for a Bike Ride

This one is my personal favorite. A bike ride is the perfect way to get out and explore your surroundings. You can opt for a bike ride through a city or a bike ride through a nature trail, whichever you prefer. I find that sitting on a computer in my house all day tends to make me feel incredibly unproductive regarding staying physically active, so a bike ride is also perfect for getting a quick workout in.