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Title: Things Georgetown Students Can Look Forward to in the Spring

Author: Janice N.
Date Published: March 3, 2020

Passport DC

One of the most exciting aspects of Georgetown’s location is the vibrant, international community that naturally gravitates towards DC’s political importance. Each spring, Passport DC— which is during May ( International Cultural Awareness month)— hosts a month-long series of embassy visits, workshops, exhibitions, street festivals, and performances. This is an excellent opportunity for Georgetown students to engage in both their cultural backgrounds and those that are new to them.

DC’s waterfronts

Whether you’re looking for a scenic view to enjoy while reading or a place to play with friends, DC’s waterfront is unparalleled. As the warmer months of spring approach, students are able to take out kayaks, swim, and picnic around the Potomac.

Run by the Monuments

Georgetown, per its DC location, is perfect for outdoor-enthusiasts. There are many wonderful places to jog on campus and off campus. So, take an afternoon this spring to grab a friend and head down to the monuments for a scenic, fulfilling adventure.

Cherry Blossom Season

Perhaps the most iconic aspect of spring in DC is the cherry blossoms. Peaking in April, the cherry blossoms are a wonderful opportunity for a study break and group excursion. You will never find anything as beautiful and charming. Beyond seeing these blossoms, DC has many festivals pertaining to this time, specifically the Blossom Kite Festival in March and National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade in April.

 Picnicking on Copley Lawn

As the tulips blossom on campus, it is indeed tempting to enjoy the amazing atmosphere. The best way to enjoy the beautiful weather and flora is to grab any blanket, a few friends, a good book, and some snacks and head to Copley lawn. Be sure to be on the lookout for professors and Georgetown locals walking their furry friends that you can pet!