A university GUTS bus shuttle is parked in the bus turnaround.
Category: Life in DC & Beyond

Title: The Top 6 Ways Students Get Around the City

Author: Abby D.
Date Published: December 18, 2019

For students living in Washington, getting around entails many creative innovations. If they want to find a specific store or event, it may take some prior planning. However, there are a multitude of services and systems readily available and convenient for Georgetown students.

1. Scooters and Bikes

On every street corner in D.C. and throughout campus, there will probably be a fleet of scooters and/or bikes for rent. They are fast, fun, and super cheap compared to an Uber. With a group of friends, it is super fun to hop on and ride throughout Washington.

2. The Georgetown Circulator Bus

The Circulator Bus, which only costs 1$, is a really convenient way to go from spot to spot. There is a multitude of apps, like NextBus, that show you the routes and stops of the bus, many of which are throughout Georgetown and very close to campus. Many students from Georgetown and George Washington hop on for a quick ride get their fix of coffee or ice cream.

3. Uber

For longer rides, Uber is probably the way to go. Split between closest friends, it isn’t too bad and gets students exactly where they need to go!

4. GUTS Bus

The Georgetown GUTS Bus is a really great system for students to go to Rosslyn, Dupont Circle, or to the Law Center (which is close to Capitol Hill). It runs all week and brings students to and from the destination!

5. Walking

From campus, students can reach so many notable destinations just a walk away! The Kennedy Center, the Washington Monument, and many parks are among the favorites. Great excercise, completely free, and super fun to explore the city by foot.

6. Metro

If students take the GUTS Bus to DuPont circle, they can easily hop onto the Metro, since unfortunately there is no Metro stop in Georgetown. However, once you navigate this transportation, you can go anywhere from Bethesda to College Park.

While many students talk of the “Georgetown bubble”, it really is not a problem to go adventure out into the city. Georgetown students are lucky to have so many options encouraging them to go out and explore. With some friends, some ideas, and some motivation, students can get anywhere they need to go.