A ray of light shines through a large window in the Dahlgren Chapel.
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Title: Spirituality at Georgetown

Author: Taylor (COL '17)
Date Published: November 11, 2016


Georgetown is the oldest Catholic and Jesuit university in the United States—and if you know anything about Georgetown, you know how much we pride ourselves on our Jesuit values and religious origins. Yet despite its strong Catholic and Jesuit background, Georgetown is also deeply committed to its interfaith identity, and this is something I had no idea about before coming to Georgetown! Now that I’m here, I realize there are so many ways to get involved with spirituality here on campus. Let’s check them out!

Check Out Our Awesome Spiritual Spaces

There are so many spiritual spaces here on campus, so definitely take advantage of them while you can! While Dahlgren Chapel might be the most easily recognized space on campus because of its location, there is also Copley Crypt Chapel hidden right behind Copley Hall, the Muslim Prayer Room in the Basement of Copley Hall, and Makóm, the Jewish gathering space, which is right in the heart of the Leavey Center. Check out the rest of the religious spaces on Campus Ministry’s website!

Attend a Service, Join a Club!

While they have a variety of uses, one of the main purposes for our amazing religious spaces on campus is for religious services! Campus Ministry supports Roman Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, Orthodox Christian, Hindu and Buddhist worship services. If you’re looking for something more intimate, join one of the many undergraduate student organizations or faith groups!

Meet the Staff

As the hub of our interfaith identity, Campus Ministry is housed on the first floor of Healy Hall. Here you can find the offices of many of the religious leaders on campus—situated in one beautiful, intimate space. All of these leaders encourage students to reach out and get involved, and they are truly excited about fostering student engagement. One way to get involved is by heading to Healy Hall on Tuesday afternoons—where you can meet the Chaplains and mingle with students at the weekly Chaplain’s Tea!

Meditate (Or become a Yogi)

If you would like to explore spirituality on a more personal level, there are other options for you! For those interested in continuing or starting to practice mediation, the John Main Center for meditation is open 9 am to 5 pm everyday. Additionally, Hoyasana–the student-run yoga club on campus—welcomes all students, and it hosts a number of practices every week. I have tried both of these options during my time here, and I definitely recommend you try them out at least once!

Get off campus!

One of the best things about spirituality on campus is that you aren’t just confined to campus! Freshmen can try the ESCAPE retreat, which all of my friends who went absolutely loved. A number of other retreats exist for upperclassmen, and any opportunity to check out the Calcagnini Contemplative Center is totally worth it.

Georgetown is constantly expanding its religious programs and staff, as well as creating new opportunities for students looking to explore their spirituality both on and off campus. Whatever your beliefs and practices, the Campus Ministry leaders and students alike will welcome you—so don’t be afraid to try something new!