Kamala Harris and Douglas Emhoff share a laugh with the American flag in the background.
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Title: Second Gentleman Says Gender Equity a Policy Priority for Biden-Harris Administration at Forum

Date Published: March 4, 2021
Douglas Emhoff

Report Highlights Inequalities

Emhoff’s remarks echoed findings from a recent GIWPS report that ranked all 50 states and the District of Columbia on women’s rights and opportunities. The research illustrates how racial inequality compounds gender inequality for American women.

For example, approximately 3 in 10 Hispanic women in Arkansas, Georgia, Oklahoma, Missouri, North Carolina and South Carolina reported not seeing a doctor in the past 12 months because of cost, compared with 14 percent of women on average. Among Black women, 17 percent report that healthcare is unaffordable.

“Mr. Emhoff has a strong understanding of the struggles and inequalities that many women in America confront,” said GIWPS Executive Director Melanne Verveer, who also served as the first U.S. Ambassador for Global Women’s Issues. “To have the Second Gentleman focus on these issues is very encouraging.”

Economic Rescue Plan

Throughout his speech, the second gentleman expressed hope that the Biden-Harris Administration’s economic rescue plan can address intersectional disparities through key policy initiatives.

“The plan will give more support to women who are out of work, it will finally expand paid sick leave and family medical leave, which we need. It will increase access to affordable child care, help childcare providers and expand childcare tax credits,” Emhoff explained. “It will provide relief to women in need, and in doing so it will help all of us, all Americans.”