Lights loom over Cooper Field on a sunny day
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Title: Perks of Living in the Southwest Quad

Author: Ethan (COL’21)
Date Published: September 21, 2018

Kennedy, McCarthy, and Reynolds Halls together form the Southwest Quad (known fondly as SWQ, or simply ‘The Quad’). Life in the Quad often is viewed in a light of tolerability and not necessarily on of enjoyment. When I found out last year that I was going to be living in Kennedy, I was downright nervous about it. Of course, it isn’t your stereotypical upperclassmen-style apartment with a kitchen and private bathroom, but, in my experience, there is nothing to hate about SWQ. Here are my top three favorite things about being a part of the #QuadSquad.

View of Cooper Field and Southwest Quad, a cup of coffee sits on a windowsill

1. Views on Views on Views

In an upper floor of Kennedy, I have a perfect view of Cooper Field. This means that I can see all of the sports practices and games right from my room without having to pay or go outside into the heat or cold or rain! As of right now, for the fall season this includes football, lacrosse, ultimate Frisbee, and field hockey (and probably more to be honest). Not only this, but I can walk right out of my room into the common room and have a gorgeous view of the Potomac River and the buildings of Rosslyn/Arlington!


2. Leo’s is Your Next-Door Neighbor

I am not a lazy person per se, but whenever there is an opportunity for me to get to a location with little to no walking, I jump right on that. This is why I love living in the Quad! Whenever I am hungry I can go right outside my building and cross the very minimal distance to the dining hall, Leo’s. This is great for me with my early-morning classes because it means I don’t have to leave my room so early in order to eat before class. Similarly, when I have late labs I can just eat quickly and then be back to my room to start working without skipping a beat.

3. Big Common Rooms

Something that was super lacking about my freshman dorm was that the common room was too small for me to feel comfortable working in. In the Quad, the common rooms are more than double the size of last year’s, so I am always in there doing homework or hanging out. I’ve even cooked a full meal in there and had friends over to eat! With the tables, couches, TV, kitchen, and floor space, it is definitely a great place to hang out or study.

So, if you ever happen to find yourself living in the SWQ, do not fret!!! There are so many things to love about it, and I know you’ll have a great year there no matter what! Hoya saxa, and thank you for reading!