Category: Student Blog

Title: Outdoor Activities for Chilly Weather

Author: Abby (NHS '23)
Date Published: December 18, 2020

In an online world, it is so easy to get wrapped up on your laptop or phone for hours. Even when it’s cold outside, it is just as important to get a breath of fresh air, but that may mean to get a little creative. Here is a list of many things you can get activity and into nature during those winter months!


  • Go on a (safe, isolated) ski or snowboard trip!
  • Get out your old sleds and find a steep hill
  • Snow-tube down a slide
  • Have a snowball fight with your little siblings
  • Snowmobile
  • Go snowshoeing
  • Shovel snow for your neighbors (for pay or just to help out!)


  • See some Christmas lights and decorations
  • Chop down a Christmas tree
  • Go caroling (with masks!)
  • Deliver baked goods to your fire station for a holiday treat

General Cold Weather

  • Ice fishing
  • Ice-skating
  • Bundle up for a hike
  • Horseback riding
  • Watch a winter meteor shower
  • Polar bear plunge
  • Warm up by a campfire and roast marshmallows
  • Volunteer at your local food bank or animal shelter
  • Drive around to find a good sunset spot
  • See a drive-in movie

Even if winter is not the most wonderful time of year for you, there are still plenty of ways to get outside, maybe with a couple layers included. It is more important now than ever to make sure you are taking care of yourself and doing things for your happiness. While winter can make that hard with cold weather and early sunsets, don’t let it stop you from having fun outside!