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Title: Opportunities In and Out of the Georgetown Classroom

Author: Grace D.
Date Published: December 18, 2019

Each semester during class registration, I am reminded as to why I chose to spend my four years at Georgetown. Today, I am in the process of choosing classes for my last semester of college. Sifting through the endless list of courses, I longingly wish I could tack on a few additional years to my Georgetown education.

The course catalog makes me realize that at Georgetown, the opportunities are endless. These opportunities are not only endless in a purely academic sense, but they also extend beyond the campus gates.

I am currently enrolled in my first journalism class called, “Covering the White House.” The course explores what it is like to cover Presidencies from the perspective of the press. Our Professor, Jon Decker, is a White House correspondent for Fox News and thus brings invaluable experience into the class. Additionally, each week we get to engage in question and answer sessions with expert guest speakers.

What sets this Georgetown class apart from most college courses is the fact that the curriculum includes a student visit to the White House Briefing Room and a Presidential Departure on Marine One. The course blends learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom to provide students with a comprehensive learning experience. Even though this was my first journalism class, the course’s expert Professor and high-level curriculum surpassed my expectations.

This is only one example of the irreplaceable educational experiences I have gained at Georgetown. I am grateful to always receive the highest standard of education in any class level, whether that is “Calculus with Review” or “Intensive 3rd Level Arabic.” More importantly, knowing that opportunities are available outside the classroom walls has allowed me to benefit from my education holistically.

Fellow Hoyas, my advice to you is to embrace the unique classroom opportunities Georgetown has to offer. Do not be afraid to take a class that you have no prior knowledge about. Try not to stress about cramming each course requirements into Freshman year. Take one course outside of your comfort zone each semester, you will not regret it!