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Category: Dear Georgetown Freshmen, News

Title: My path was a long and filled with twists and turns of roads-not-taken

Author: Augie I.
Date Published: November 6, 2018

If you’ve visited Georgetown you may be familiar with our campus tours led by some of Georgetown’s most spirited Hoyas of the Blue and Gray Tour Guide society. For those of you who have yet to make your first trip to the Hilltop–without spoiling much of the tour– most end with your overly enthusiastic and out-of-breath tour guide jumping on an elevated surface with a spectacular view of campus as they finally recount the magical story why they chose Georgetown.

After two years as a tour guide, you might assume that I have my spiel rehearsed to the point I could say it in my sleep but I don’t. In fact, I can’t recall ever telling the same story twice and here’s why I keep it that way.

My path was a long and filled with twists and turns of roads-not-taken and leaps of faith but it was the summation of reflection, prayer, and gut feelings that ultimately led me to the Hilltop. I cannot share my complete story at the end of my tour simply because I don’t know the ending. However, what I can share are excerpted chapters, pages or even lines of that journey that speak to me, in particular, that day and how my daily experiences iteratively define and redefine what being a Hoya means to me. As you look to write this new chapter of your life and find those things in your daily life that speak to you and reflect on they are valid and valued components of who you are…or could be, as a Hoya.

So, if you find yourself on one of my tours I can’t promise you what story I’ll tell but know that it just could be this one.  

Hoya Saxa,