Students sit on Healy Lawn and chat on a sunny day, Healy Hall is in the background
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Title: Hoya Heights

Author: Augie I. (SFS’20)
Date Published: September 24, 2018

Hey there Hoyas,

Whether or not you’re new to the Hilltop or are coming back after a summer away there’s always one thing that takes some re-adjustment for even the healthiest of Hoyas…the stairs!

Now that summer is over, take the opportunity to explore some of Georgetown’s coolest stairways and the incredible views they lead to.

(Accessibility Note: All locations and views have accessible routes! Woohoo!)

1. Edward B. Bunn Intercultural Center. (Total Stairs: 145)

First up, the Edward B. Bunn Intercultural Center. Although you can enter from Red Square on the third floor, challenge yourself and start on the first floor. Eight floors later and you’ll find yourself with your new favorite study spot and pretty unique view of Copley Hall and Old North!

Red Square view from ICC Building (The elevators are located by Red Square)

2. Gaston Hall (Total Stairs: 85)

Next, make your way over to the base of the John Carroll Statue and take a minute to stretch your calves. Head up the stone staircase and to the balcony level of Gaston Hall for a neat view of DC (and maybe a quick peek into Gaston Hall.)

View of the neighborhood from Healy Clock Tower (The elevators are located next to the Chaplains’ offices in the lobby)

3. Exorcist Steps (Total Stairs: 75)

If you find yourself on M Street, hop off your fancy scooter and take on the daunting Exorcist Steps. (Did you know that “Steps” and “Stairs” share the same definition but are usually called “Stairs” when inside and “steps” when outside? Thanks Merriam-Webster!) 75 spooky steps/stairs later, head onto the top of the Car Barn rooftop for a view down the Potomac River.

Jack the Bulldog sits at the bottom of the Exorcist steps Head inside the M Street entrance of the Car Barn for a quick trip up the elevator to the roof.

4. Village A Rooftops (Total Stairs: 97)

Since you’re already on Prospect Street, traverse your way through Village A to reach the incredible panoramic view from the Village A Rooftops if they’re not full of excited Blue and Gray Tour groups.

Rooftop of Village A (Elevator is located next to the HFSC side entrance)

5. Regents Hall (Total Stairs: 68)

Lastly, end your adventure on the ground level of Regents Hall and climb the longest staircase on campus. You can stop in Hoya Court for a well deserved snack, then head upstairs to Uncommon Grounds for a refreshing drink and enjoy the view of Cooper Field from the Leavey Esplanade. (Did you know an Esplanade is “ a level open stretch of paved or grassy ground?” Thanks again Merriam Webster!)

(From the ground floor, you can find the elevator located in the back of the hallway to the right of the stairs.)

Congrats! Drink some water! You just walked up 470 steps. That’s about 52% of the total number of stairs in the Washington Monument! Or you just rode the elevator for approximately 4.25 minutes, which is cool too!
Well, I hope you enjoyed your vertical tour of the Hilltop. Stay tuned for a Hoya Heights Part II: Workout Video Edition.