Two sisters wearing matching plaid pants and gray T-shirts sit on a park bench by the front lawn of Georgetown.
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Title: How 2 Sisters Found Their Home at Georgetown

A graphical representation of a photo of two sisters sitting side-by-side wearing gray T-shirts.
Indra Dass (G’23) (left) is a budget analyst in Georgetown Law. Her sister, Mala Dass (right) is a senior operations manager of procurement and contract for Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center.

This story is part of a Georgetown Faces, a storytelling series that celebrates the beloved figures, unsung heroes and dedicated Hoyas who make our campus special.

On a sunny October day, Mala Dass and Indra Dass (G’23) sit on a park bench near the John Carroll statue at Georgetown. 

They’re wearing matching plaid pants and gray T-shirts for this Georgetown Faces photo shoot: Mala reps her alma mater, Archbishop Carroll High School in DC, and Indra, her workplace, Georgetown. 

“We both attended Carroll and both work at Georgetown,” Indra says. “We love the connection — it really cemented everything.”

Mala is a senior operations manager of procurement and contract for the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center. She began working at Georgetown 17 years ago. She encouraged her sister, Indra, a budget analyst at the Law Center, to return to Georgetown in 2018. Indra had previously worked at the School of Foreign Service in 2006, and in May 2023, graduated with her master’s in technology management from the School of Continuing Studies.

They were both drawn to their high school and Georgetown’s focus on community service – a value they hold dear to their hearts. In their off-hours, they volunteer at their high school and offer meals, prayers and support for those experiencing loss in their Trinidadian community.

“It’s a close-knit community, just like Georgetown,” Indra says.

Learn more about what it’s like working with your sister, the spot they can’t get enough of off-campus, and the one word they both use to describe Georgetown.

Two sisters stare up at John Carroll statue and the towers of Healy Hall on Georgetown's campus on a bright sunny day.

What we wish everyone knew about us: 

Indra: We are not twins! We just entertain the comments because we find it hilarious.

Working with my sister is:

Mala: Fun and rewarding. We both work in finance, and she taught me that while we both work for the university, each campus has their own rules and regulations they follow. While you might think the work is the same, it actually is really different. 

Indra: I’m lucky to be able to take advantage of all her years of experience working at Georgetown, showing me the tricks of the trade. We bounce ideas off each other.

Two sisters walk down a paved walkway on Georgetown's campus. They wear T-shirts and matching plaid pants.

How often we talk:

Indra: Every day. We live together and share an office [at home]. If we’re both listening to music, I just wave my hand to get her attention. She helps me out because that’s what we do as sisters. We love the Georgetown connection of that close family relationship.

Go-to music when on a spreadsheet grind:

Mala: I like fast music. It has to be pumping to get me going, and I’ll go through the entire thing. Soca [music that originated in Trinidad] is upbeat. There’s certain country songs and artists that are fast. I like Toby Keith, Randy Travis, Dolly Parton, Reba McEntire, Blake Shelton, all of those.

Indra: I like soca, chutney [music that also originated in Trinidad] and country. But if there’s a frustrating part of the spreadsheet I am focusing on, I put on religious music, as it seems to help ground me. The challenges seem to disappear.

What I admire about my sister:

Indra: Her personality. She can drive me up the wall sometimes, I guess that’s what siblings do, right? But she has a big heart, and I know that she’s there for us. She’s very friendly and outgoing. She’s loud, but she gets her point across. I’m the quiet person, but that’s how I guess each of us communicates.

Mala: Her caring nature. Even right before coming here, I’m like, we’ve got to go, and she was trying to finish her training with her team at the Law Center. Each campus should have someone that cares as much as Indra does.

Favorite spot to meet when on Main Campus:

Indra: Wisemiller’s.
Mala: [We order] Chicken Madness.
Indra: Glad the recipe hasn’t changed even after all these years.
Mala: They don’t even offer the Coke as the side!
Indra: We love Wisemiller’s. It was our weekly thing to have when working on campus because it’s that good. We were actually thinking about going there today.

 One thing we do in our off-hours:

Indra: We volunteer within our Trinidadian community when families experience a loss, be it a parent, family member, or friend.

Mala: It started with our dad. I was in Trinidad with our dad when he passed away suddenly.

Indra: Our community was there for us. They were always reaching out to us to stay connected and make sure we were OK. That’s why if anyone is dealing with a loss of their own, we are sure that we are by their side during their time of need. We offer support. As a community, we will bring meals to them or help serve meals [at the wake]. 

Mala: Our father was a sadhu (priest) in the Hindu religion, so from that upbringing, we walk in his footsteps and try to carry out his teachings.

Two sisters smile at each other while walking on Georgetown's campus. They are wearing gray T-shirts and matching plaid pants.

One word to describe to Georgetown:

Indra: Family. I think that’s the best way to describe Georgetown as a close-knit, family-oriented university.

Mala: Family. When we had our house fire in 2009, the Georgetown community rallied around me and allowed me to take my time to come back to campus. I never knew a job would support someone like that.

What brings me joy in my job and keeps me coming back:

Indra: I like helping people. Maybe it’s the way we were brought up to make someone happy, because [with] a lot of people, you don’t know what they’e going through. You offer them that smile, and they go back to their office and chat you [and say], ‘thank you for the smile. Thank you for being a listening ear. That really helped.’ To hear that makes my day. It’s rewarding.

Mala: I would always come back to Georgetown because I feel safe here.

Indra: It feels like home.

Two sisters smile at each other in Healy Circle on Georgetown's Main Campus.