Category: Academics

Title: How to Survive Midterm Season at Georgetown

Author: Ava
Date Published: October 17, 2022


I think planning for midterms, whether it is an exam or paper, is the single most important way to get prepared and not feel overwhelmed on those days leading up to the due date or test date. If you are studying for an exam, get your materials organized before you even begin studying. If you are writing a paper, have your quotes picked out and your outline written before you begin your writing process. Even though I am guilty of cramming for an exam myself, if you have the time, planning a bit before you begin your studying will make the studying/writing process much less stressful.



For me, the study location is everything. Sometimes I want a more public environment with background noise, and other times, the quiet floor of Lauinger Library is a must. Decide what study location works best for you and your study habits, and make sure you’re in an environment where you can be comfortable and productive. My favorite study spots at Georgetown are the Bioethics Library, Healey Family Student Center and, most often, Lau 4 in a table next to a window.



Make sure you fit time into your day when you’re studying to take breaks. Go grab a snack or drink at Midnight Mug if you’re in the library, or take a 20-minute walk around campus to get outside. Your brain works the best when you let it rest periodically!



Arguably the most important part of your midterm season, make sure you are getting enough sleep. There will be late nights in the library during midterm season, but make sure you are taking care of yourself. If you plan ahead and try not to cram for your paper or exam (but don’t worry if you do, we’ve all been there…) you can successfully study for your exams and get enough sleep to be your best functioning self.



All you can do is try your best. This is an overwhelming time for everyone so don’t be too hard on yourself! Even if the paper or exam doesn’t go as well as you planned, know that a singular grade in college is not going to have a catastrophic effect on your life. Put it all in perspective, and just try your best.


Reward yourself:

After it’s all done, reward yourself! Whatever that reward means for you, carve time out of your day and do something you enjoy. You deserve it!

Best of luck tackling your midterms, Hoyas. I’m rooting for you all, you got this!
– Ava COL‘24