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Title: How to Land a Summer Internship in DC

Author: Stacie (SFS'21)
Date Published: March 4, 2019

Want to stay in DC this summer? Have no idea where to start? Look no further! Summer on the Hilltop was one of my favorite experiences, because I had the opportunity to meet friends from schools across the nation and world while still having my Hoya network in DC—and no homework to worry about. Below are some of my tips and tricks for getting that summer internship in DC.

Know your application deadline—it varies by industry

Most government- related internships do not start recruiting or hiring until February, and these applications spill into March. If your internship requires a security clearance, the deadline will be much earlier, in August or September or even the year before. If you want to work in finance or consulting, recruiting occurs in the fall before the summer. Non-profits and NGO’s typically have deadlines similar to those of government internships, around February-April.

Fix up your Resume

When listing out job experiences, make sure to focus on the impact that your work had rather than just listing the daily tasks of the internship. Be as concise as possible. Showcase what transferrable skills you picked up in past internship experiences. Ensure that your resume is only one page long and that the font is large enough to be legible.

Draft the Perfect Cover Letter

Good cover letters convey how past work experiences will help prepare you for the current work experience you are applying to. Be sure to add specific pieces of the job description and address them. You want the employer to think that you did thorough research on the organization.

Reach out to the Cawley Career Center for advice

The Career Center has great resources and you can make one-on-one appointments with advisors from different industries to work on application materials. Attend drop-in hours. The career center has drop-in hours every weekday afternoon, so you can stop by without even making an appointment ahead of time.
Utilize the resources on the Career Center website. It houses materials from sample cover letters from each industry, resume templates, and more.

Utilize LinkedIn, Hoya Gateway, and Handshake to find internships and network

Hoya Gateway has the smallest number of alumni on the database, but they are also the most involved alumni. This isn’t a place to find job postings, but it’s a great way to find alumni that are in your preferred industry and connect with them for career advice. Handshake is a great resource because employers who are specifically looking for Georgetown students post on here. Use this to find job postings and to register for Coffee chats, recruitment events, career fairs, etc. LinkedIn is the resource least connected to alumni, but joining the Georgetown University Alumni group on this platform is an excellent idea. Members post in here with career opportunities and advice. LinkedIn is also a job search engine—two in one!

Good luck Hoyas as you begin the internship search!