Category: Campus Life

Title: Guide to Georgetown Acronyms

Author: Christine M.
Date Published: November 23, 2021

Acronyms are a way of life here at Georgetown. From club services to campus buildings, they are embedded into our special Hoya lingo. 

Newcomers may oftentimes feel overwhelmed or confused by the acronym-filled language here at Georgetown. I know that when I was a freshman, especially in the era of Zoom, I was lost whenever I conversed with upperclassmen. They would talk about “heading to the CSJ to meet up with a GUSA member,” or “ working all night at LAU to get CPS homework done.”

Moments like that made me realize how much of a guide I needed on Acronyms. So, I decided to help some Freshmen and prospective students familiarize themselves with the language here at Georgetown. Provided below is a list of some of the most frequently mentioned Georgetown acronyms. 


Now, this term may look intimidating at first glance. You might not even know how to pronounce it. Well, trust me, you’re not alone. Even the current student body is split on how to accurately say it. But no matter how it is pronounced from people’s lips, it is essential that you know what this acronym means. GUASFCU stands for Georgetown University Alumni and Student Federal Credit Union. They are a large student-run bank in charge of providing affordable and convenient banking services to students. So, the next time you hear GUASFCU mentioned, you’ll know that this is the same institution that distributes personalized Jack The Bulldog debit cards. 


This acronym stands for the Georgetown Emergency Response Medical Service. Whenever someone from the Georgetown community needs emergent medical care, students and faculty call GERMS. They are a student-run emergency ambulance service that provides service all semester long. They keep our student body safe and free from harm. 


This word refers to a building on campus that’s located in Red Square. That large red brick building is formerly known as the Edward B. Bunn, S.J. Intercultural Center. This is where a lot of language and government classes are held. If you see that you have a class in the ICC, be sure to bring a sweater and a map. Not only are the rooms cold, but the building layout also is confusing. 


These organizations support first-generation and low-income students in their journey at Georgetown. GSP stands for the Georgetown Scholars Program, while CSP refers to the Community Scholars Program. Everyone who is in CSP is in GSP, but not everyone in GSP is in CSP. They are separate organizations, but both of their missions are to help navigate students through the college experience and provide students with a sense of community. 


Like GUASFCU, the pronunciation of this acronym can throw some people off. You say it like “jugs.” Why do you pronounce it like that instead of with a hard “g” sound? The world may never know. Only the people at GUGS, otherwise known as the Georgetown University Grilling Society, know the answer to that. This organization specializes in grilling burgers. These students provide various foods to passersby outside in Red Square. If you ever see their stand outside, be sure to try their delicious burgers on your way to class! 


All aboard! GUTS refers to the school’s transportation system. It stands for Georgetown University Transportation Shuttle. This is how students can get around the Georgetown area with ease. There are shuttle buses on campus that can take you anywhere within city limits. Interested in heading out to Dupont Circle with friends or grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s? GUTS is your friend! Convenient transportation is provided to you at the low cost of Free.99!