Category: Messages to Students

Title: Georgetown Day 2024 – Off-Campus Residents

Dear students in non-university housing,

We hope that you have a fun and safe Georgetown Day in the spirit of celebrating our community, and that you take advantage of the great programming on campus.

As a follow-up to the note from Provost Groves and Dr. Daugherty, please be reminded of several important policies related to students in non-university housing in the neighborhood.

  • Off-Campus Noise Policy: According to the Code of Student Conduct, excessive sound is prohibited at all hours of the day. Off-campus noise violations are automatically considered “Disorderly Conduct.” Students who are found responsible for violating the Code of Student Conduct will be subject to disciplinary sanctions.
  • Open Container Law: It is not legal to consume or possess an alcoholic beverage in an open container in a public area anywhere in the District of Columbia. Do not bring any open containers out in the street or neighborhood.


Cory Peterson

Associate Vice President of Community Engagement and Local Government Affairs