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Title: Four Reasons Why I Choose the NHS

Date Published: December 18, 2019

As a pre-med student, I poured in a lot of research for what school I would study at and why. When I found the School of Nursing and Health Studies (NHS) and major in Global Health, I knew it would be a perfect fit. After being here, I have learned so much throughout my experiences about the benefits of being a student in this school, and how I knew it was right for me.

1. Classes

Compared to the other schools, the NHS has extremely health-focused and individualized classes. Along this line, the classes are generally relatively small, allowing a lot of stretching room for personal interaction and investment into the material. Even if there is a larger class, students have created and implemented smaller study sessions to generate a deeper understanding in a more individual setting. For my own learning, I really do prefer and thrive much more in these class environments, and I am so thankful the NHS promotes this type of learning.

2. The Values

Each major and class in the NHS is taught by professors and being pursued by students who want to help others in some capacity. This sets a really strong foundation in why we learn what we learn, pushing each other to do and serve. Compared to the other schools at Georgetown, there is not an aire on competition, but rather collaboration to succeed. Across all four majors, students are genuinely passionate about healthcare with a mission to help humanity.

3. Inspiration

From the professors to the abroad experiences, the School of Nursing and Health Studies is overflowing with meaningful opportunities and inspiration from all over. Each professor is not only extremely knowledgeable in their field, but also shares an extreme passion for their interests and their students’ success. In this way, everyone is trying to push students to the fullest potential and paint the most colorful and adventurous picture of their life it can be. From abroad opportunity to Washington D.C. projects, students are doing so much to inspire, give back, and reach their goals.

4. People

Throughout the school, the students really do care and look out for one another. After some beginning exams, upperclassmen will bake for the freshman and celebrate the completion of their first exam. In the same way, professors value their students’ learning and personal achievement. Anywhere you go, it’s the people that make it worthwhile. Every classroom in the NHS is filled with amazing people who are there rooting for you.

After committing to Georgetown, I realized how there really is not another school like the NHS. It’s individuality and genuine passion make the school such a unique and valuable experience. No matter what sector of healthcare you’re looking at, the NHS is a platform to help you achieve and have fun pursuing your passions.