Category: Messages to the Community

Title: COVID-19 Update: New Guidelines and Sanctions Related to Social Distancing

Dear Georgetown Students On or Near Campus:

During this exceptional time, we all have a responsibility to practice social distancing in order to maintain the health and safety of the university and broader community. We are extremely concerned that we have received recent reports of students continuing to host social gatherings during this time. We are immediately implementing new directives and enhanced sanctions, and it is urgent that you read, understand, and comply with them fully.

Effective immediately, we will be strictly enforcing the following directives for undergraduate and graduate students with enhanced sanctions for violations until further notice: 

  • You are not permitted to organize or attend parties or gatherings of more than ten people on campus or off campus. If you participate in a gathering of more than ten people, regardless of who hosted it, you will be subject to discipline.
  • If you live in assigned university housing, you are not permitted to have any guests in your assigned residential facilities—with the exception of other Georgetown students approved to live on campus, in groups of ten or fewer.
  • If you are still in university housing, and have not been given written permission by the Dean of Students to live on campus during this time, you must return to your permanent address immediately. You must have explicit permission to remain after Sunday, March 29.
  • You must comply with any directive from the DC Government.

If you are found responsible for a violation of any of these directives, you will be subject to serious disciplinary action under the Code of Student Conduct as well as enhanced sanctions, including suspension for the semester or longer, and earn no academic credits for any courses taken this semester. Seniors who are suspended will not be able to obtain their degree this semester. Given our current circumstances, an expedited process will be in place to adjudicate violations of these directives.

Please know that these measures have been put in place with the health and safety of all members of the Georgetown community as our paramount concern.


Robert M. Groves, Provost

Edward B. Healton, Executive Vice President for Health Sciences & Executive Dean of the School of Medicine